4 Ways To Save Money Doing Things You Love

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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After covering all the household expenses, the money you have left over is yours to use as you wish. While saving is certainly something you should be doing, it goes without saying that some of your hard-earned cash is used to splurge on merchandise and activities you enjoy doing. Though there’s nothing wrong with spending money to put a smile on your face, if you’re not careful, it could become a burden. Since overspending is a habit that most have, it becomes necessary to be savvy about how and where you spend your money to prevent going into debt.

Buy a Coffee Maker Instead of Heading to the Cafe

Coffee is one of the top beverages purchased in the country. There’s no denying that many people enjoy a cup of hot Joe on a regular basis. However, whether you spend $1 a day or $5, by the end of the year you’ve spent between $365 and $1825.

You don’t have to stop drinking coffee, especially if it’s what gets you going in the mornings, but you can cut the cost by investing in a quality coffee maker. Newer models make it possible for you to not only brew your favorite brand of beans but to make specialty drinks like cappuccinos, espressos, and more. Making your coffee at home saves you money on the cost of the product and travel expenses.

Learn New Recipes Instead of Eating Out

The average American household spends thousands of dollars a year on restaurants and takeout. Though eating out at your favorite restaurant on occasion is a treat, doing it frequently adds up. To reduce the cost of eating out, it is best to spend the money on groceries and get creative with your cooking.

The problem with eating at home is the cuisine can become mundane and uneventful, not to mention, the process of cooking is time-consuming. To solve both of these problems and save money, you should look for new and easy recipes to try online. You can find unique ways to make your favorite breakfast foods like pancakes or waffles and then shop online for specialty items like Monin flavored syrups. The cost per person is a lot less, the ingredients are much healthier, and who can beat the advantage of having the room to yourself as opposed to being jammed in with a bunch of paying diners.

Have Movie Night In Instead of Going Out

The movies will probably forever be one of America’s favorite pastimes. Whether as a date, on your own, or with a family, the experience of watching your favorite celebrities on the big screen with your favorite snacks is unlike any other. Be that as it may, a trip to the movies can cost. With movie tickets averaging $12 a piece and snacks and beverages starting at $5 a pop, a night at the theater can add up.

Rather than try to catch your favorite films at the theater you can create the experience in your own home. With television subscription services as low as $50 a month and streaming services averaging $10 a month, you can watch movies right on your couch. Purchase your favorite snacks from the grocery store and enjoy. Now you’ve got the best seat in the house for a fraction of the cost.

Go Shopping Online Instead of in Stores

Shopping is another favorite for most. Venturing out to stores to purchase things you need (and some you don’t) is somehow therapeutic. As such, when you’re out and about, you can be persuaded into buying more than you can really afford to spend. Instead, you should consider shopping online.

Internet shopping has become increasingly popular and is truly a way to save. You can browse through hundreds of items instantly and make purchasing decisions. Most importantly, shopping online reduces the likelihood that you’ll spend money on things you don’t need which can really save you some money on your credit card. Since you’re not in the store distracted by sale signs and marketing displays, you tend to shop for what you need as opposed to what you don’t. Last, but not least, you tend to find better deals online including exclusive discounts and free shipping.

You don’t need to give up doing the things you love in an effort to save money. When you’ve worked hard, you have a right to spend your cash on things you want. The key to ensuring it doesn’t go overboard and cause financial issues down the road is to find alternatives that can be just as interesting but not as expensive. This way, you can do things you love more often without the guilt attached.


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pat.navymom January 24, 2018 - 8:34 am

Coffee at home, home cooking–definite savers. Online–I don’t think so with clothes especially as style and manufacturer fir on body shape is the deciding factor.

Ashley I Bestreviewofproduct February 27, 2018 - 3:02 pm

Great suggestions! Tips #1 to #3 are sure money savers but online shopping doesn’t work for me. I tend to buy more with credit/debit card than paying cash when out to shop ? I love plants and I love cooking. Growing fruits and veggies in my own backyard helps me save money too. A great hobby at the same time and healthier, since it’s grown all-natural.


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