Use Chef Boyardee To Help You Make Almost Homemade Meals

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Chef Boyardee Display

I like to keep a number of heat and eat products in the house for quick meals, Chef Boyardee being one of them. Although I’ve served Chef Boyardee products as a quick snack or meal for years, I’ve never thought of using them as an ingredient. You neither? Interesting, isn’t it? I’m all about quick meals, and love trying recipes for meals that are ready in under 30 minutes.

Recently, Chef Boyardee put together some recipes that incorporate Chef Boyardee products as the main ingredient. The Chef Boyardee recipes include:

  • Cheeseburger-roni
  • Chili-roni
  • Pepperoni Spaghetti Bake
  • Ravioli Lasagna
  • Taco-roni

Chef Boyardee Tacoroni Bake

I adapted the Taco-roni recipe for my family on a night that we needed something quick, creating a Chef Boyardee Tacoroni Bake. The recipe (all five of them actually) was easy to follow. I made some changes – I removed the beans and I used Big Beefaroni instead of regular Beefaroni. I mixed everything but the tortilla chips together and heated it in our toaster oven (instead of cooking on the stovetop because it’s quicker and easier). I left the tortilla chips as a garnish, for those who wanted them. The dish was surprisingly tasty. What I love the most about the way these recipes are assembled is the way you can see the prep time, cooking time and number of ingredients without even reading the recipe. I hope the folks at Chef Boyardee add more recipes that I can check out. With the variety of products they have, as illustrated in my picture above, I’m anticipating lots of new recipe ideas.

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Chef Boyardee and received a gift card to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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karen M August 19, 2011 - 12:15 am

I have always wanted to try to make my own ravoli, just to see if was easy.. but haven’t gotten to check that off my list yet. I never thought of trying to add more ingredients to the chef boyardee products before.. gonna try a few of the recipes.. these would be perfect when I forgot to lay something out or on those upcoming busy nights when school starts tomorrow.
Thank You!

admin August 31, 2011 - 8:44 am

I’d like to try making my own ravioli as well. I bet it’s a lot of work.

Teresa Buhs August 31, 2011 - 12:59 pm

I stay away from Chef Boyardee products because they contain MSG!

patricia Marsden August 19, 2011 - 7:44 am

What was the consistency of the pasta like in your recipe?

Royalegacy August 19, 2011 - 12:36 pm

These are fine when you want something fast out of a can, but to cook with them and fix them up into something else? I’m skeptical about that. I saw that some other blogs had made the ravioli lasagna out of the canned ravioli. That turned me off.

admin August 31, 2011 - 8:42 am

I did see that recipe and while fine for some my family is picky about lasagna and I knew that one wouldn’t do it for us.

Royalegacy August 31, 2011 - 11:30 am

The family will only eat homemade or Michael Angelos that we get from Sam’s Club.

Carolsue August 20, 2011 - 10:29 pm

Have you ever eaten so much of something that at one point you never wanted to touch it again! I think that happened to me with Chef Boy R Dee spaghetti! I was sick and homebound for a couple months and that seems like all I ate for lunch. Now I can’t even face the stuff!
Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

admin August 31, 2011 - 8:38 am

Me no, my hubby yes. Bagels. I used to work at a bagel store and brought some home every day. We had no money so we had lots of bagels – cream cheese, butter, sometimes cold cuts as a treat. He wouldn’t touch a bagel for years after that.

karen M August 31, 2011 - 9:46 am

Mine is picky on the Lasagna as well. I was the same way about your bagels with Ice Cream, work at a fountain girl in an Ice Cream shop, we got to have anything we wanted, been years since I could touch ice cream.


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