The Toolman Strikes Again

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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tim toolman taylor

A few years back we decided to get TJ a stereo for his room. Being the man he is, RB went out on his own and picked it up. What I didn’t know until after it had been brought home and installed was that it was a powerful unit. Powerful as in loud. I told RB that TJ didn’t need anything quite that powerful in his tiny room in our small house but he wasn’t hearing any of that. See, when it comes to music, RB is like Tim Taylor. More Power! RB connected the system so that TJ could hear everything through it, from television to Xbox 360 games. After that we had about two years where we could hear every sound coming from our sons room. The first time TJ was talking online while playing a video game was very strange for me because I heard multiple voices coming from the end of the house and I knew that only my son should be there. I actually if we were being burgled or something for a moment. (Hello, calling Vivint security please?!) Anyway. About a month ago we were informed that something wasn’t working correctly. RB checked it out and said that the system was working but that one component had broken.

Money’s tight so I figured we wouldn’t be replacing anything soon. After all, it was working. For my husband that wasn’t enough. He announced he had an idea and disappeared elsewhere in the house. He reappeared ten minutes later with a component from the system that he used in his last band. He swapped that for the broken component. Now everything is working again. Working and louder. The Toolman strikes again! He isn’t exceptionally handy, except when it comes to av equipment for the television and stereo. He won’t touch electric, for instance, he’s got a very healthy respect for that. There have been occasions where he thought he knew what he was doing and it turned out he didn’t. Those occasions were hard for all of us, as he hates being wrong. I’ve been contemplating a video system for the house lately, so I’ve been browsing lots of sites such as Vivint, looking at different products and getting ideas. If he happened to see me browsing Vivint reviews no doubt he’d either tell me we don’t need it or tell me he could do it himself. I beg to differ on at least one point.

Do you have a “Toolman” in your house? Who is it? Do you have any funny home repair stories?

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