Back To School With Teacher Peach

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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Back To School With Teacher Peach


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Summer is almost over and it;s almost time to go back to school. Teachers are readying classrooms and gatheringthe supplies they’ll need. Parents everywhere are buying back to school supplies. Some parents are even buying back to school gifts for teachers. We’ve never bought teachers back to school gifts. Instead, we gift teachers at the holiday and at the end of the year. Those are the times that make sense to me. No matter when you gift, there’s a company that is a great source for all sorts of items suitable for gifting teachers. It’s even a great source for teachers getting themselves prepared for the year. That source is Teacher Peach.


Teacher Peach is a top retailer of classroom products and teacher gifts. They are the go-to brand for amazing teacher gifts and motivating classroom products that help teachers inspire kids to become confident and creative–in school and out! From certificates, greeting cards, positive postcards, and more, teachers recognize student success–easily, economically, and of course, effectively. Teacher Peach gift products acknowledge teachers for this hard work and commitment to kids everywhere. Teacher Peach products are designed to inspire confidence, reward and recognize, and enhance a positive school climate.

I received two products from Teacher Peach, a Words To Grow By tote and a Remember Note Flag Desk Asscessory.

Teacher Peach Words to Grow by Zippered Tote

Words To Grow By Zippered Tote

Retail price 18.95

This zippered tote bag is a great school bag for teachers. Measuring 20″ wide x 12″ tall x 6.5″, its generous size is just right for accomodating everything a teacher might bring to and from work every day, including homework, tests, supplies, lunch and personal items. The totte zips closed, ensuring that the items inside don’t slip out. The large handles make it easy to hold and carry or place over a shoulder. The bag is dark enough to help hide dirt while colorful enough to jave a design that really pops. Speaking of the design, I really like the brightly colored literary typography art, the words will resonate well with any teacher.

Teacher Peach Remember Note Flag

Remember Note Flag Desk Accessory

Retail price $12.95

Everyone benefits from organization. Teachers will appreciate having brightly colored sticky notes in different sizes readily available in this 5″ wide x 4.5″ tall desktop organizer. The outside of the black case has the word “remember” printed three times in a bold white font in different sizes. The inside of the case reads “I became a teacher to help children become their best selves. I will endeavor to help children every day. This I will remember.” The case contains 1440 flags and 200 small stickys, all in 8 assorted colors including yellow, pink, purple, blue, orange, and green.

Teacher Peach offers many products that will help teachers stay organized and on track. Teacher Peach donates 10% of all profits to the not-for-profit Teacher Peach Seeds fund that funds teacher-driven initiatives that help raise confident and creative kids

You can learn more about these products and many others on the Teacher Peach website. You can also keep up with Teacher Peach on social media, on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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