4 Smart Ways Pet Owners Protect Their Furry Loved Ones

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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Smart Ways Pet Owners Protect Their Furry Loved Ones

I, like many others, treat my pet like an extension of the family. I celebrate its birthday, spend money on food and toys, and plenty of other pet-related expenses from accessories to shots. Throughout the years, between having my own pets and friends having pets, I’ve seen my fair share of pet products and resources. There are several factors to consider when purchasing products for our furry family members. Here are four smart ways that pet owners protect their furry loved ones.

#1: Security

My friends’ friend lost two of their dogs. They did the normal routine of wandering the neighborhood, asking neighbors, and posting to lost & found boards. They did eventually find them after 2 days, but you never quite know if someone will pick your pet off the streets to call it their own. GPS tracking like you find in DUSupply garmin alpha collars could have used  to find the location of the dogs and saved a whole lot of time and worry.

#2: Health

I make it a point to keep up with recalls and alerts with pet products and food – I highly suggest each one of you pet owners do the same. It can help you:

  • Prevent the chances of feeding pets deadly food
  • Not giving pets dangerous toys causing choking hazards
  • Avoiding ill-reviewed beauty products known to cause problems.

#3: Safety

Danger lies in both expected and unexpected places, and things can happen when pets:

  • Get into toxic items and get poisoned
  • Chew on electrical cords and start fires
  • Start a fight and get seriously injured

A video security system, a bit like a nanny cam, may be desireable for folks that work or are out for a large amount of time. These setups will let you check in on pets while you’re away at work/vacation or having a pet sitter over. It gives peace of mind knowing they’re doing well but also lets you quickly react in case there’s an emergency.

#4: Common Sense

I think it’s a good idea to consider your pet(s) extended members of the family. This way, you’re treating them kindly and looking after their health and well-being more so than if they’re seen as an animal. Using common sense goes a long way towards keeping pets safe.

We make our children wear seat belts. Out pets should be restrained during automobile travel as well. Allowing a pet to free roam in your vehicle while operation can cause accidents. It’s illegal in a lot of areas, too, which come with high fines. A loose pet on the roadway – either from getting out of the house or running off during a pit stop – is an accident waiting to happen. Keep your pets safe like you would any other member of the family by getting pet restraints for your vehicle. This will keep them from roaming and stops them from becoming a projectile in an accident.

What else could we do to improve their lives?

  • Take them out and let them be social more often.
  • Avoid giving them table scraps that may harm their digestion.
  • Do regular checkups and screenings for their health.

Do you have any tips for helping to keep a family pet safe?

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