Review of Emeals For You

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I recently got a membership to If you aren’t familiar with Emeals For You, you definitely need to keep reading this review.

Emeals For You is more than a recipe site. Yes, it’s got recipes. The recipes are clearly written in easy to understand terms and are sorted by category. There’s a built in recipe finder where you can look for recipes containing an ingredient of your choice. Once you find recipes you like you can add them to your online recipe box. The ability to scale the size of the recipe is built in, which I thought was very cool. No more adding cups or tablespoons when changing the amount of servings you want a meal to yield. After you scale it and save it to your recipe box you can add it to your shopping list.

Your recipe box and shopping list live inside your favorites box, where you will also find your customized meal plans and pantry planner. What I love about the shopping list is that the ingredients for each recipe you’ve chosen are broken down individually and placed on a ready to print list. Customized meal plans lay out meals that you’ve chosen for a week. I entered salisbury steak and it even suggested two veggies that would compliment the entree perfectly. If you don’t want to or don’t have the time to make your own meal plan there are some suggested ones already available. The pantry planner list keeps track of all of those must have items every kitchen needs and can also be printed.

Emeals For You also offers sections for frequently asked questions, conversions, tips, techniques and terms. There’s even a spot listing all of the essential tools every kitchen should have that would make an awesome bridal shower or homewarming shopping list.

I think Emeals For You is a terrific resource for everyone – individuals, couples and families. Usually a one year membership to Emeals For You is $36, which is only $3 a month. That’s a value for such a useful tool. But I can make it an even better value so it costs you less. That’s right, reading my blog can save you money. Just use the code CRAFTS-37 in the Sponsoring Identifier when you register and you will save an additional $5, making a year of membership only $31. I’d be surprised if there were many readers who couldn’t make use of this valuable site. But if you can’t, buy it as a gift for someone. Wouldn’t someone moving into their own place love this! New brides would love this too! Foodies would enjoy it as a birthday gift too! So get on over to and see what Chef Jake’s got cooking!

Happy eating!

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