Review of Coffee Mate Italian Sweet Creme

by Valerie Gray, From Val's Kitchen

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I love coffee. I only use sugar as a last resort. I much prefer to use a flavored creamer instead, because I can try different tastes just by changing the flavor of creamer. When I was in Shop Rite this past week I saw a new flavor, Coffee Mate Italian Sweet Crème.

Coffee Mate Italian Sweet Crème is part of the Coffee Mate World Café Collection.
From the bottle – “Our Italian collection is inspired by the great pastry shoppes and cafes found throughout Italy.”

I have used the Italian Sweet Crème flavor in regular ground coffee using Chock Full O Nuts as well as coffee made from Melitta Crème Brulee beans, Javana French Vanilla beans and Dunkin Donuts regular beans. The creamer is rick and sweet, like whipped cream icing on a cake or the cream you find in some pastries. It’s very tasty and

This non-dairy creamer is lactose free and kosher. It can be purchased nationwide at grocery stores and some convenience stores. A 16 ounce bottle is the only size this flavor comes in, which the label states contains 32 servings each one being one tablespoon and having 35 calories. I do not get 32 servings out of a bottle, I get about 20. I found that one tablespoon left the coffee a bit darker then I prefer it. I bought this at ShopRite, where it was on sale for $1.99. Regular price varies by the store and seems to be between $2.49 and $3.09 in my area. I recommend the flavor highly but I think it’s too expensive. I refuse to pay full price for it (or any bottle of liquid non dairy creamer). They go on sale about once a month so I just buy a few bottles and stock up and I’m good to go.

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