Monday Memory – Colors

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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Paint Color Palette

When I got married in 1986 our “color” for household stuff was blue. Everything we had was a deep blue. Dishes. Glasses. Silverware. Kitchen chair cushions. Bedding. Towels. You get the picture. Everything. Why? Because I was convinced at that time that everything needed to match everything else. Isn’t that silly! let me tell you just how silly things got. At one point we actually painted the outside of the house blue as well. Yep.

There used to be a day where if you were having Impact Signs make up a sign for the front of my house it probably would have said “The House Of Gray is blue”, “the blue Gray house”, “blah blah house of blue” or “house of blue”. Now a sign for my house might say “The House of Gray – and other colors”. I’ve learned that I’m happiest when I think the room looks nice as it’s own room, and not when everything looks all uniform and the same. Here’s how that happened.

Over the years I began to tire of all the deep blue. I started adding in some slate blue, and a couple of other shades of blue. Then a friend gave us a jade couch. it was a big beast, a three piece sectional. But I loved it. And that’s how the blue started to leave. Other colors started appearing. Right now we’ve got lots of browns in the living room. The kitchen is dark wood, black and dark brown, hopefully changing to a lighter brown sometime in the somewhat near future. That’s the next project. One bathroom is browns and beiges. The other bathroom is black and gray. My younger son’s room is a gorgeous deep, vivid blue. My older son’s room is wood, black and gray. The dining room is a little of everything sort of. Our bedroom used to be black but last year I changed it to brown. And it’s all constantly changing.

How has your taste in color changed over time?

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pat. marsden January 8, 2013 - 7:53 am

I favor the classic neutrals. That way the room is not dated. My 43 year old bathroom was yellow–yik! The reno 27 years ago was beige. Recently a constructor came in to price modifications. He told me that the brass fixtures, the wall-to-wall tiles, and the fixture choices made the value remain on any insurance claims.


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