MOM Frosted Mini Spooners 12 Layers Of Happiness

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Frosted Mini Spooners
Does anyone in your house eat cold cereal? Most likely. In my house we all have different favorites, which means we often have several boxes of cereals open at a time. As great as cereal is, it does have a few quirks. The packaging, for example. Walk down the cereal aisle of any decent sized grocery chain and you will probably find an entire side of one aisle, filled with probably 100 different cereals. That’s a lot of cereal! And a lot of cereal boxes! One of the things that bugs me about cereal is the packaging. It makes no sense. Most cereals come in a big, colorful box. Inside the box is a plastic bag. I don’t know about you but I find that cereal boxes don’t always shut or stay shut properly. And the bags aren’t worth anything either. As a result if we have boxes of cereal I take them out of their bags and boxes and store them in Tupperware. It’s a big waste of a lot of cardboard. I wouldn’t have to do this if they made the bags resealable, but nobody does that. Oh wait, MOM brands does do that! Not familiar with MOM Brands? They used to be known as Malt-O-Meal. They’re the company that makes all those cereals that come in bags instead of boxes and are usually sold on the bottom shelf of the grocery store. MOM Brands currently offers 24 varieties of cold cereals, many of which are comparable in appearance and taste to other cereals that come in a box and cost more.
Originally when I saw this brand in stores years back I wondered if they’d taste as good. I bet a lot of people wonder that. Well, the popular Frosted Mini Spooners were recently named the best tasting frosted shredded wheat cereal in a taste test done by Cooking Light. That’s something that can make a frosted wheat cereal lover happy – great taste and lower price, accompanied by 6 grams of fiber, 44 grams of whole grain, 100% daily recommended value of Folic Acid, and 90% daily recommended value of Iron. Actually, that’s more than one thing to be happy about, that’s six things. 6 is half of 12, which is how many layers of whole grain Frosted Mini Spooners have.
Speaking of the number 12, MOM Brands launched a Frosted Mini Spooners ’12 Layers of Happiness’ campaign in April, coinciding with the first annual National Pursuit of Happiness Day. Here’s more info on that.

Even though the “official” happiness day has passed, it is still important to find ways to be happier all year round, and Frosted Mini Spooners wants to help you do just that. One can never have too much of a good thing when it comes to happiness OR our best selling Frosted Mini Spooners! That’s why we’re happy (pun intended!) to announce we’ve officially launched our 12 Layers of Happiness campaign!! As part of this campaign, we will not only be celebrating all that makes us happy about Frosted Mini Spooners, but we’ve also partnered with best-selling author and happiness expert Dan Baker to help provide us some tips on living a happier life each day.
So we may be the experts on cereal, Dan Baker, Ph.D. is an expert on another thing … happiness! Dan literally wrote the book on it, Dan is a best-selling author of What Happy People Know,founding director of the Life Enhancement Program at Canyon Ranch, an executive/life coach and more. His pioneering work on the study of happiness led him to discover the 12 qualities that are common among happy people.
This online campaign features a proprietary happiness quiz developed just for us by Dr. Baker, as well as guest blog posts that offer even more lessons and tips on how we can be happier in our daily lives. We will also conduct fun and “happy” contests around the 12 attributes of happiness, such as altruism, health, purpose and of course provide light-hearted education and information about why our Frosted Mini Spooners biscuit is the superior frosted shredded product!

Now I was curious about this quiz, so I took it myself. It took less than 1 minute to take. I was rated as Very Happy, which actually was close to where I would have rated myself. I’d love to know if others find their result to be about what they’d expect. If you could take just one minute to click on the banner below and take the happiness quiz and let me know how you did I’d really appreciate it.
MOM Brands Frosted Mini Spooners
MOM Brands is also on Twitter.
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Still [[refer to sugar or not my own.

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Watched my grandbaby eat them Tuesday down to the last morsel.


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