REVIEW – Level Life Foods For People With Diabetes

by Pat.

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Level Life

How lucky I am having my son chauffeur me back to Ohio to ring out the old and ring in the new. Wintry weather and holiday traffic along with frequent stops for for food, beverages, and potty make it a long automobile drive from the Jersey Shore.

My visit goes fast. Lively conversation with my son and his wife, one-on-one time with my toddler grandson, a caring daughter-in-law reaching out and making it possible for me to visit with another grandson, city sites, Christmas decorations, after-Christmas clearance sales, good food, and better desserts made it the best of times. Time to go home before I outstay a welcome.

Frontier’s closing of its Cleveland-Trenton route complicates travel home. Other airports are at a distance and their ticketing is high. Bus routing is long and involves transfers. So–good decision– I decide to take an Amtrak train. It’s windy, bitter cold, and icy and no surprise that 3:05 A. M. Capitol Limited arrives late.

Level Life

The conductor takes my ticket and helps me to my seat. All lights I settle in my roomy, comfy-cozy seat. Who would think I have along with leg room, an upholstered reclining seat complete with headrest and footrest? The only problem for me is NO SERVICE in the lounge car. Thank goodness like a good scout I came prepared. Out with LEVEL Life. ‘Tis true that LEVEL Life makes my life easier.

I am thirsty so shake it shall be. Classic Vanilla (170 calories) is gluten free, low glycemic, low carb, a nutritional plus for those who need to balance their blood sugar, with protein, fiber, vitamins. Feeling satisfied and sated, I nod off to awaken in Pittsburgh two hours later.

I head directly into the train station. I want something hot to drink. Ironically the building holds only a ticket counter, rest rooms, and vending machines. I pull out trusty plastic only to find signs on every machine: BILLS & COINS ONLY. My dollars had been spent at a store accepting only cash; grand so had my coins into his piggy bank. I shrug.

Out comes my empty water bottle filled quickly from the water fountain. Out comes a snack bar. Gee, that Chocolate Crisp (130 calories) that tastes like a real candy bar actually fills me.

I wait only minutes before the stationmaster guides me to The Pennsylvanian. Glad it is now daylight so I can enjoy my eight hour 400 mile ride through Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle, Allegheny Mountains, Horseshoe Curve, and Pennsylvania Dutch Country back to the Garden State.

As soon as the lounge car opens, I order a late breakfast then eat it as I chat with the train attendants. I decide to have lunch mid-afternoon so I will not disembark later famished. One glitch though is the lounge car closes mid-day for an hour. Oh, well, out comes sweet snack Peanut Butter Cups (150 calories). I enjoy them and their 80% less sugar so much that I decide I must try them frozen. The lounge eventually opens so I get a cold drink, read a bit, do sudoku, clear my emails, and much like ET phone home.

Level Life

The train arrives in Trenton on time and I immediately spot hubby. Have to admit, I missed him. I also have to admit I am not hungry because I supplemented my on the go eating with Level Life.

Classic Vanilla, Rich Caramel, Strawberry Creme, Milk Chocolate Shake, I like them all. Chocolately Crisp, Caramel Chocolatey, Double Chocolatey Chip, Chocolately Peanut Crunch Bar, it is hard to pick my favorite. Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut Turtle Bars, I can indulge and make my sweet tooth happy. For more information about the Level Life Program, its products, its store locator and more, visit level

P. S. Once at the house, I check my blood sugar level. It is where it should be. Luckily I rarely get hit by blood sugar lows, but I brought along naturally flavored Mandarin Orange glucose gel (60 calories) just in case. Glad I have it; glad I don’t need it; glad I packed Level Life in my tote.

Do you know anyone that is a diabetic?


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Michele January 19, 2015 - 1:19 pm

I have heard so many good thing about Level. I need to look into it! Good for you for being prepared I always try to pack drinks and snacks no matter were I am going.

Deborah A. January 19, 2015 - 1:22 pm

My good friend is diabetic, and their 4 year old son is as well. I’m always amazing by how much work they have to do for something as simple as feeding their son a snack. It’s something I take for granted for sure.

Michele January 19, 2015 - 2:29 pm

I have heard so many good thing about Level. I need to look at picking some up to have on hand! Good for you for being prepared I always try to pack drinks and snacks no matter were I am going.

Daisy January 19, 2015 - 4:12 pm

I think that Strawberry Creme will be my favorite. These sound really good, especially as I have been so busy lately and they are convenient.

Jenna Wood January 19, 2015 - 4:15 pm

I have a history of diabetes in my family so I have to monitor my blood sugar with bloodwork and stay away from too many indulgences. I often worry I am consuming needless sugar- thee look like wonderful tools for healthy living with diabetes.

Kelly Hutchinson January 19, 2015 - 5:01 pm

It is super hard to eat healthy when you are on the road, especially with diabetes. This is a great line of products to keep your blood sugar level.

patricia Marsden January 20, 2015 - 8:45 am

With the genetic component predisposing to diabetes, I know many diabetics–pre, real, and in denial.


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