RESTAURANT REVIEW – Habit Burger Grill, Eatontown NJ

by Pat.

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From Val's Kitchen RESTAURANT REVIEW - Habit Burger Grill

I love California burgers AKA burgers served with lettuce, a slice of tomato, and mayonnaise. I actually love California cheeseburgers better. After each trip to Cali, I come home wondering, “Why are the best hamburgers on the West Coast 3,000 miles away?” Well, I have to wonder no more. One of The Habit Burger Grill’s 109+ restaurants and counting restaurants just opened up at 178 Route 35 South in nearby Eatontown, New Jersey. YUM!

Call The Habit Burger’s menu casual fast. Everything is made fresh. Customers order their signature Charburgers, sandwiches, salads, chicken, tuna and more custom-built then wait to be served. (Psst, they even have a “secret” menu.) Big appetite? Try a double. Adventurous? Have a regional specialty.

From Val's Kitchen RESTAURANT REVIEW - Habit Burger Grill

Is it any wonder that last year Consumer Reports named its signature Charburger the best burger in America? What’s a Charburger you ask? It is 100% fresh ground beed cooked over an open flame on a toasted bun topped with mayonnaise, pickle, fresh tomato, lettuce, and cartelized onions.

Hot coffee is available as well as a large selection of cold drinks. Its handmade frozen treats like hand-spindled chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mocha, and coffee shakes and malts are rich, smooth, an absolute sweet spot.

From Val's Kitchen RESTAURANT REVIEW - Habit Burger Grill

Some like it hot; some like it not. That’s why its open jalapeño/peperocini/pickled banana/hot pepper bar next to its condiment station together with its ordered add-ons options (cheese, bacon, avocado, mushrooms, even lettuce wrap) satisfies every taste. Remember though that some like it nude.

We savored sides–tempura green beans, onion rings, and both french and sweet potato fries–all prepared in 100% trans fat free vegetable oil. The accompanying ranch sauce for dipping was a special taste treat.

From Val's Kitchen RESTAURANT REVIEW - Habit Burger Grill

We devoured burgers appreciating every bite. Each 3 ounce patty was fresh, juicy, made to order exactly as specified (my companion’s rare and mine medium-well). We left the place full (matter of fact we brought home a people bag). That was nice. Still even nicer was that our pockets were not empty, the way it happens in many high end burger joints.

Noteworthy facts:

# 1. The Habit Burger Grill has a kids favorite menu for those under ten for $3.99 which includes a char burger, chicken nuggets, or grilled cheese, fries, apple slices or applesauce, and a soft drink, apple juice or milk.

#2. The Habit Burger Grill while it has no drive-through does take phone and online takeout orders for the convenience of its customers.


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Chrysa January 2, 2016 - 11:07 am

Oh, yum! The bacon on the burger looks awesome. The onion rings look really good too!

Jennifer January 2, 2016 - 2:42 pm

Now that’s a burger joint! The burgers look great, but it’s the fries I’m interested in. A good burger joint has to have excellent fries, and those look great.

Ellen Christian January 2, 2016 - 2:43 pm

Oh wow that looks so good! Now I’m in the mood for burgers!

Clo @ Reviews by Clo January 2, 2016 - 7:57 pm

This looks awesome! I wish we had something like this. My hubby would love this place!!

dawn January 4, 2016 - 11:01 am

wowsers! my mouth is totally watering. lol. i would loveee to dine there one day.


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