Get Some Healthy Ideas from Stop & Shop

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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I live near a Stop & Shop. For almost ten years it has not been my primary grocery store, but rather the grocery store I ran in to if I needed something at the last minute. With RB having been looking for a job for a while I have been trying to shop smarter, less often and more efficiently. After hearing about some changes to the store from Mom Central, I decided to pop in and check it out. Not having been in my nearby Stop & Shop for a little over a month, I was surprised when I recently went in and discovered they’d redone the store and were going with a new look and were even getting rid of the old colors and going with new ones – yellow, purple and green.

One of the new things you’ll see on shelves throughout Stop & Shop stores is the “Healthy Ideas” symbol. The symbol is there to call your attention to products that fit well into a healthy lifestyle. The Healthy Ideas symbol is a result of research by physicians and dietary experts. The selection of the foods that bear the label was based USDA and FDA standards defining healthy, the USDA Food Pyramid and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Some of the things that were taken into consideration were the amounts of fat, sodium, fiber, whole grains, calcium and minerals.

I think it’s great that a grocery store is offering a time saving way to help busy shoppers find healthy products. The Stop & Shop website has a lot of helpful information as well. There’s a recipe section full of tasty sounding dishes that teaches shoppers how to make simple swaps, or changes, to familiar recipes to make them healthier. My favorite thing about the recipes, besides the fact that they’re simple, is that you can add ingredients to a printable shopping list right on their site.

My son has Celiac Disease and requires a gluten free diet. It can be very time consuming to read through every ingredient on a label, as a result I often stick to the same foods and the same dishes over and over again because it’s just easier. The Living Well area of the Stop & Shop website has a food allergen sectionthat contains a list of all of the gluten free products that Stop & Shop makes. I can’t tell you what an awesome and welcome resource this is.

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