Fun Family Games For When The Lights Go Out

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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We’re supposed to have bad storms here tonight so I’m not going to be online long. It’s gotten dark and it’s looking like it’s going to be lightning and thundering soon. When that happens I shut the computer down.

So. What do you do for fun when the power goes out. No, not that kind of fun. I mean family fun. We play word games. Here’s some games you can play with your family when you’re all sitting waiting for the lights to come back on. They all have to do with letters in the alphabet.

I’m Going To A Party
One person starts by saying they’re going to a party and bringing an item, starting with the letter a (apples for this example). The second person then says I’m going to a party and I’m bringing apples and something starting with the letter b (bananas for example). The third person then says I’m going to a party and I’m bringing apples, bananas and cherries (or any other word starting with c). Each person adds an item on their turn. If you forget an item you’re out. The others keep going. If you get through the whole alphabet and are still going add a second item for each letter (example – apples, apricots..).

The End Is The Beginning
The first person names something – anything (example apple). The second person names something that begins with the letter that the last word ended with (example eggs). Each player says one new word. If you repeat a word or can’t think of one you’re out.

20 Questions
Someone chooses an item to think about. Other players then ask specific questions to try and figure out what the item is. Only yes and no answers are allowed.

The Car Game
Each person names a type of car. You are not allowed to repeat anything already said. When you can’t think of one you’re out. This game can be adapted to be about food or many other things.

We always have a good laugh when we play these games. I’d love to hear what your family does to pass the time when the power goes out.

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pat. June 28, 2009 - 7:01 am

Great picture–source? The power out was long and hot. Glad you figured ouot something to pass the time better than our house did.

pat.s last blog post..Contest Quest

valmg June 29, 2009 - 7:07 am

Picture source SXC.
We’ve played games like this for years. They work in the car also.
Thanks for visiting and commenting.


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