Finding Comfort In Technology

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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Getting To Know Your Technology

Technology is a wonderful thing and it is always providing some amazing things that we use every day. A lot of these things we tend to take for granted, such as internet and phone services. There are of course other things like cable to help keep us entertained and then there are other types of services that help protect us when things go wrong. Chances are things will happen at least once or twice in your life that will warrant a little bit of outside help. No matter what the service or the technology that we have today we can be assured that we will always have everything that we need to be in the know on everything.

All we need to know in order to maintain our level of comfort and happiness in this technologically sophisticated society is how to find the things that we need in order to stay happy and healthy. We need to have access to providers for the things we need such as an AT&T store locator. To find the best technology available we need to know right where to go at all times to avoid any kind of confusions.

Recovering Lost Data: What’s Better?

There is nothing worse than spending hours working on a project only to have your computer crash and lose all of that work along with any other data that may have been stored on your computer. It can be devastating. Recovering lost data is of the utmost importance, but what route should you take when doing so? Should you use a professional service or buy the software and do it yourself?

Each of these has their own set of pros as well as cons that can work for you and both will cost you money. What you really need to do is determine which one will best suit your needs the most as well as which one will best fit within your budget.

Maintaining A Healthy Life in A Technological World

Growing up we used to hear, “television will rot your brain,” or “don’t sit to close to the TV it will ruin your eyes.” Everyone thinks that technology is bad in one way or another. They think that kids play too many games or do too much on social media. One of the things many people do not realize, however, is the physical problems that can arise from computers and cell phones. Not the things themselves, but in the way they are used.

People spend so much time bent over their laptops and drooping over their cell phones that they never stop to really think about the bad posture that they have. This will put a lot of stress on your neck, your back and even on your fingers and wrists. After a long period of time doing these same types of motions, it will wear and tear at your body causing aches and pains that you may not even realize are coming from something as simple as the way you are using your cell phone or the way that you are typing on your laptop.  Most of the time people take these things for granted and will do nothing to fix the problem. This is a really simple problem to fix if you simply take the time to correct your posture while you are checking your messages during the day.

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Pat. June 30, 2018 - 9:58 am

Epcot’s American Pavilion shows the growth of technology over the last 100+ years. I myself born into a world of public transportation, party lines , payphone and typewriters somewhat regretfully shake my head when I see store workers unable to make simple change without using an adding machine.


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