REVIEW – dysFUNction Board Game

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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dysFUNction Board Game

We love playing board and card games in our house. We’ve had lots of fun during holidays and get-togethers with friends when the adults hang out in one room while the children all play. sometimes the conversation turns to family. And in the end everyone always seems sure that their family is just stranger then the next. dysFUNction is a board game intended for adults 18 and older where those family stories will really be useful.

dysFUNction is the brainchild of two very dysFUNctional friends who have spent many hours, over many cocktails, laughing and commiserating about our families. Over the years we kept coming to the same (sort of obvious) conclusions: Every family is dysfunctional. Family dysfunction is funny. Sharing dysfunctional family stories and competing over whose family stories are craziest is not only naturally entertaining, it’s therapeutic. These observations inspired us to create a fun and unique storytelling game and platform that brings people together and gets us sharing stories, One-Upping each other, and finding the fun in our dysFUNction (and in everyone else’s).

Play dysFUNction and you’ll find the fun in your dysfunction…but more importantly, in everyone else’s. dysFUNction is a hilarious new storytelling board game that will have you laughing and competing with your friends over who has the most dysFUNctional family. Grab a Cart and claim YOUR Baggage-in this game the player with the most Baggage wins. You can’t choose your family, but you can use them to win!

The dysFUNction Board Game Includes:

  • dysFUNction Game Board
  • Baggage Claim Tray
  • 6 Baggage Carts
  • 90 Baggage Pieces
  • 65 Dig Deep Cards
  • 35 Family Fun Cards
  • 1 Die

We took a quick peek at this game. The game is intended for 3-6 adult players over the age of 18. It sure does sound like it could be lots of fun with the right group.A sense of humor is a must. I really look forward to bringing this out at our next party and giving it a whirl. It would also be great for game nights.

dysFUNction Board Game


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