2015 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – Chooze Children’s Footwear

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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Mom Knows It All 2015 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - Chooze Shoes

Chooze Shoes

Pricing ranges from $24.95 up to $54.95.

You can purchase Chooze Shoes online.

You can learn more about these shoes and others on the Chooze Shoes website. You can also keep up with them on Facebook.

If you have young children, you know the torture called shoe shopping. This is especially true for tennis shoes and girls, at least in my opinion. Earlier this year, we reviewed a product called Chooze Backpacks, a product that made our back-to-school shopping so much easier. You see, Chooze has the ability for your children to show their personality in the products on their person. This time, we were sent a pair of Chooze shoes to review and Joley is jumping for joy!

Mom Knows It All 2015 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - Chooze Shoes

Chooze Shoes gives my daughter Joley something that other shoes don’t; style with variety! We were sent a pair of “high top” shoes from the Spark line in the style Beam Black. One shoe has multi-colored polka dots while the other has multi-color diagonal lines.

Mom Knows It All 2015 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - Chooze Shoes

You may think that this is a bit awkward with having two different shoes but Chooze really does this right! These shoes are not only adorable, but Joley says they are comfortable too. Chooze has several designs options to choose from as well as different styles from sandals to athletic shoes, from infant to children’s sizes. You can even buy Chooze slippers! Joley chose the Spark style because they are so different than anything else she has. We loved them from first sight. The colors are bright and the design is fun.

One thing to be aware of is that the Spark shoes look as though they lace up, and the laces do tie. But, they are actually zipper shoes so they would be perfect for kiddos that can’t tie their shoes yet as well as older kids. We recommend these fun shoes for kids of all ages! With a good variety of styles and a reasonable price range, we think Chooze Shoes are worth every single penny because of the fun designs and how they allow kids to show their personality, right on their feet!

Mom Knows It All 2015 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - Chooze Shoes

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pat.navymom December 22, 2015 - 1:19 pm

My how bright and lively!

Scarlet December 28, 2015 - 8:20 pm

These shoes are adorable. They make me think of Punky Brewster which I loved growing up! My son just got a back pack for Christmas from Chooze.

Crystal December 28, 2015 - 10:52 pm

Those are awesome! My daughter is crazy about rainbows do these are so perfect for her.


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