A really long, exhausting, bad day.

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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I had a flat tire on my truck when I left work yesterday. The gas station wanted over $150 for a new one. I managed to get the truck to Walmart and got a new tire there for just under $100. We were in that store for almost 4 hours. We got very tired of being in that Walmart. And of course this also meant I wasn’t able to take my younger son for his bloodwork as well.I had hoped to take a short nap yesterday early evening before going to pick up my mom at the Philly airport. But because of the tire situation, I had enough time to get home, get everyone in the house, go to the bathroom, and turn back around and get back on the road for the airport. The airline broke her wheelchair. I spent about 2 hours sitting in the truck while Mom took care of the wheelchair before we could leave. We didn’t get home until after 2am.

The two brothers are at it again. As a result, supposedly the youngest brother’s fiancee now thinks it’s a better idea for her to stay in CA rather than come back home.

Soccer cancelled again. Yes, because of rain.

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