Halloween Mickey Mouse Bento Lunch


2 slice of bread, white or wheat * 2 slices of ham or other lunch meat * bag of trail mix * candy corn * 1 individual cup of green jello * 1 handful of mini chocolate chips * salad mix * 4 grape tomatoes * 2 mini Babybels * 2 CowPals Snack cheese slices * Wilton Black Foodwriter


  1. Using the Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, cut the individual slices of bread into Mickey.

    On one slice draw the Mickey Mouse face with the Wilton black foodwriter.

    Place 2 slices of ham on the sandwich

    Include a handful of chex mix with a few pieces of candy corn tossed in.

    Add an individual green jello cup with a some mini chocolate chips added.

    Include two TBSP of salad mix.

    Cut two grape tomatoes in half, add each half to a side of a whole grape tomato looking like Mickey Mouse head.

    Unwrap the two mini Babybel, using the Wilton Foodwriter, print RIP on each.

    Using a mini flower cookie cutter, cut out the two flowers in the CowPals Snack Cheese slices.

    Place in the Bento box for a lunch time treat with a special note included.