Pressure Cooker Tomato Chicken Tortellini


1.05 lbs uncooked chicken tenderloins * 1x 19 oz bag frozen cheese tortellini * 1x 28oz can petite diced tomatoes, drained * 8 oz cream cheese, cut into pieces * 2.5 cups chicken broth * 4 tsp Italian seasoning * 2 tsp garlic powder * olive oil


  1. Plug in the electric pressure cooker.

  2. Pour a little olive oil into the pot, enough to create a thin layer on the bottom of the pot.

  3. Cut the chicken into bite sized pieces and place it into the pot.

  4. Set the pressure cooker to saute and lightly brown the chicken. You are not cooking it all of the way through so it should only be in there for 3-4 minutes.

  5. Once you've sauteed the chicken, press cancel.

  6. Add a splash of broth to the pot in order to loosen any bits of chicken that may have stuck.

  7. Add the frozen tortellini to the pot, followed by the seasonings.

  8. Pour the remainder of the broth into the pot, covering as much of the tortellini as possible.

  9. Place the diced tomatoes into the pot on top of the tortellini.

  10. Put the lid onto the pressure cooker and close to seal.

  11. Set the pressure cooker to cook on manual high pressure for 4 minutes.

  12. While everything is cooking, cut the tortellini into pieces.

  13. Once the cooking time has finished do a quick pressure release.

  14. Use a silicone pot holder or silicone mini mitts to remove the lid.

  15. Add the cream cheese to the pot and give a quick stir.

  16. Put the lid back onto the pot and let sit for a couple of minutes, which will let the heat that was already in the pot help soften the cream cheese.

  17. Remove the lid from the pot again.

  18. Stir well until the cream cheese is completely combined.

  19. Serve and enjoy!