Pirate Oreos


1 package of double stuffed Oreos * 1 bag of chocolate melting wafers * 1 bag of white chocolate melts


Fill 1/4 of one of the pots with water and place on medium heat. Place the second pot on top of the first for a few minutes to get hot. Add the bag of chocolate melts to the top pot. Once the chocolate is melted and smooth, dip the Oreo in the chocolate until it's fully coated. Use a fork to pick up the Oreo from the bottom, then lightly tap it on the edge of the pot so any extra chocolate can fall off. Place the chocolate covered Oreos onto a waxed lined cookie sheet. Place the tray into the fridge for 10 minutes to harden. Clean out the top pot so that you can use it again for the white chocolate melts. Once the white chocolate has melted, add it into the piping bag. Wrap a paper towel around the bag so that you don't burn your hand. Pipe the skull and crossbones onto the top of the chocolate covered Oreos. Let the Oreos sit for 30-60 minutes in order for them to harden completely. Serve and enjoy!