One-Pot Baked Ziti For Ninja Cooking System


1 lb ground beef 1 cup minced onion 1 lb ziti * 1x 26 oz jar pasta sauce * 4 cups water * 8 oz ricotta cheese * 8 oz fresh mozzarella * 2 tbsp olive oil


Set the Ninja to stovetop high and allow it to warm for about 5 minutes. Add the olive oil to the pot, followed by the ground beef and onion. Brown the ground beef, which takes about 8 minutes. Add the ziti to the pot, followed by the pasta sauce and water. Stir well and recover the pot. Set the Ninja to cook on the Auto-iQ Layered Bowls Recipe 4 setting and press start. Once the cooking cycle has finished, uncover the pot. Set the pot to dry oven 350. Add the ricotta cheese to the pot and stir gently. Place the slices of the fresh mozzarella on top of the pasta. Recover the pot and let cook for about 15 minutes, until the mozzarella cheese on the top is all melty and gooey. Serve immediately.