Instant Pot Ranch Pot Roast


2.5 lb beef bottom round roast * 4 large potatoes, cubed * 2 cups frozen carrots * 2 cups beef broth * 1 packet ranch


Place the roast info the bottom of the pressure cooker's pot. Place the potatoes and carrots into the pot surrounding the meat. Place the beef broth and ranch mix into a small glass bowl. Microwave the bowl for about a minute, in order to make the mixture easier to dissolve. Whisk the contents of the bowl until it is smooth and no grains or pieces of the dip mix remain. Pour the liquid into the pot over the meat. Cover the pot and cook on high for 3-4 hours. Serve immediately with the remaining broth as an au jus or thicken it with a little corn starch and turn it into a gravy.