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by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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WhitePages Neighbors

How well do you know your neighbors? Do you know them at all? I admit that despite having lived here for the majority of my life, I don’t know some of my neighbors at all. And, most of those that I’ve met I don’t know extremely well. Until this past week I’d only spoken to the woman in the house on our left once and didn’t know her name. The people diagonal from us to the left – I don’t know who they are or anything about them other then they have dogs. Basically I know a handful of people somewhat well, I know where my son’s friends live and have met their parents, and that’s about it. I wouldn’t be able to easily put together a block party or community garage sale easily, that’s for sure. WhitePages announced a new product this past week designed to help find the names and contact information for neighbors to promote neighborhood spirit, community partnerships and local safety. The product is called WhitePages Neighbors.

Wondering why would WhitePages come up with a product like this? WhitePages did an online survey in June 2011. In going over the results they discovered that 93% of the participants say it’s important for neighbors to look out for each other and their safety but that in reality we don’t know much about each other. 47% of people can identify most of their neighbors’ cars, where as only 41% that know most of their neighbors’ first names. 27% of people know most of their neighbors’ pets whereas only 24% know their neighbors’ kids.

National Night Out is coming up on August 2nd, which 37 million people participated in last year. In partnership with National Night Out, WhitePages is hoping that people will use this new tool to help plan even more block parties and to help neighbors get to know each other (organize Neighborhood Watch programs, plan block parties, organize play dates, organize garage sales).

Here’s some more information about WhitePages Neighbors.

The new Whitepages Neighbors product offers an aerial map of U.S. household contact information, including first and last name, mailing address, associated household members, and phone number to help neighbors more effectively get in touch. Going beyond making it easy to look up neighbors’ names and contact information, WhitePages has partnered with the National Night Out (NNO) to make it easy to plan a Block Party within a few clicks without having to worry about tracking down neighbor’s names and contact information by sending personalized postcard invites via the U.S. Postal Service for free. With the survey discovering that 34% of American adults who have neighbors do not feel comfortable asking their neighbors to keep an eye on their home when they go away, WhitePages and NNO hope people will use “Neighbors” Block Party invites to foster relationships that lead to effective neighborhood watch initiatives that promote local safety.

To use “Neighbors,” visitors go to WhitePages.com, look for the “Address & Neighbors” header tab and enter their own address and the results will populate with the name, address, phone number, etc. of their immediate neighbors. Should they want to expand their search beyond their own block, they can enter another address and start searching. WhitePages “Neighbors” also makes it easy for people to claim, edit and publish their contact information, control settings to let people know the best way to reach them or make their contact information private.

Offering local contact information for over 90 percent of U.S. adults, WhitePages uses public records and user-generated listings by more than 3 million WhitePages members to offer mapped views and a complete directory of neighbor contact information for nearly every American household. While the survey showed 67% of people believe that it is important to have contact information for their neighbors, only 8% of people have most of their neighbors’ cell phone numbers and only 6% have most of their neighbors’ email addresses. WhitePages Neighbors provides everyone with an opportunity to learn their neighbors’ names and how to reach them whether it is just to meet them for the first time or in case of an emergency.

Here’s a short video that illustrates how WhitePages Neighbors works.

I’m curious – how well do you know your neighbors? Would you like to know them better? What sort of community events would you like to see in your area?


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pat.navymom July 25, 2011 - 7:31 am

With all the identity/theft issues, I am not sure if this is good. Sometimes we want to know too much for our own good.


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