Today’s Farm Fruit Snacks Review

by Valerie Gray, From Val's Kitchen

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It’s not always easy to find a pre-packaged snack that isn’t junk food. Recently I learned about Today’s Farm Fruit snacks from Justus Foods.

Today’s Farm Fruit Snacks are freeze dried snacks made from real fruit. They are cholesterol free, fat free, low calorie and contain no preservatives. They’re even gluten-free, which means CJ can eat them! There are four varieties available – Strawberries, Cinnamon Apple, Pineapple and Peach. Of the four the only variety with anything other than fruit is the Cinnamon Apple, which contains cinnamon and sugar. Additional varieties are planned for the future. Except for the strawberries, the snacks come in a .75 ounce bag. The strawberries come in a .50 ounce bag and have recently been updated to include whole strawberries instead of slices or wedges. The foil lined bags are the perfect size for lunches and travel, as well as a quick snack at home.

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I’d never had freeze dried fruit snacks, unless you count the strawberries in Special K. I received one bag of each variety for this review. I was pleased to find the fruit to be fresh and flavorful. Everything tasted exactly like fresh fruit except for the texture. These fruit snacks are crispy and crunch. My favorite is the Cinnamon Apple. CJ’s favorite was the Pineapple. RB liked the peach. The size of the pieces are perfect for snacking. What would be neat is if they offered a smaller size piece so that people could mix them into their own cereal mixes at home.

Today’s Farm Fruit Snacks are available for purchase online and sell for $2.00 per bag. they are also available in larger sizes.

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