To Cloth Or Not To Cloth, That Is The Question

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Dining Room Table Scratches

We have both a eat-in kitchen and a formal dining room. Our kitchen table is a pub style table with a granite top. It’s beautiful and very durable. We never cover it. The dining room, however, is another story. Our dining room set is over forty years old, it was my Grandma’s. It’s old. It’s worn. It has scratches and a couple of discolorations in the wood, which you can see in the picture above. I love the set but don’t love the way it looks. We always use a tablecloth in the dining room.

This may sound funny, but nice tablecloths can be challenging to find. It’s easy enough to find the vinyl type of tablecloth, but I don’t usually like those. Most of those are kind of ugly, as they frequently have some print that I don’t like or doesn’t match my decor. Some of them are very childish, appropriate for a children’s party of barbeque but not a formal dinner. Sure they do have their place, for occasions when you need a quick or fun solution that can be cleaned up easily. But for dinners and even day to day living, I prefer simple, solid-colored cloth tablecloths. Actually, I guess they’re technically called linen tablecloths. I have two that are older and could stand replacing. Many of the department stores don’t carry linen tablecloths, or they do and they’re very expensive. I guess I’ll have to shop online when the time comes, and probably watch for a tableclothsfactory coupon code or something similar.

If my dining room set was in better shape I’d probably leave it nude, or un-clothed. But it isn’t so I cover it up. What about your table? Do you use a tablecloth sometimes, all the time, or never?

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Vanessa February 4, 2013 - 3:09 am

I am in Seattle and we have Goodwill, a non-profit thrift store (where I work). We sell linens and always have various tablecloths… we get a lot of donations and our inventory is constantly changing. I have collected gorgeous linen this way for years. Do you have some kind of similar store in your area?

pat. February 5, 2013 - 8:47 am

I cover my glass table when I am entertaining;otherwise it is bare except for a doily and centerpiece. My formica kitchen one nbeeds a new top–possibly black formica wwith a leathered look. I keep it uncovered mostly because it is my work spot and I grew tired of cashing and ironing a cloth one because non=cloth ones lokk so tacky after a few washings.


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