Tips To Help Keep Your Dog Safe During New Year’s Fireworks

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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Tips To Help Keep Your Dog Safe During New Year’s Fireworks

New Year’s Day is almost here. Every year I hear people in the area setting off fireworks on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. While fireworks are fun to watch for many, they are not very fun for our canine companions. It’s not uncommon for dogs to get very distressed by fireworks, and in turn, behave in a manner out of the ordinary for them. Remember, dogs hear and process things differently than we do so the noises, smoke and lights may be upsetting and disorienting for them. Here are eight tips to help keep your dog safe during New Year’s fireworks.

Leave your dog home if you’re going somewhere that there will be fireworks.

Ensure your dog’s identification tag is on his collar.

Be sure that doors and gates are securely closed.

Keep your dog inside if you live near the location of a fireworks display.

Let the dog out to exercise and go to the bathroom shortly before fireworks in your area begin. The exercise should help tire your pet out.

Close the curtains or blinds where possible so the flashing colorful lights are less noticeable.

Play music or turn the tv on if the fireworks are audible in your house.

Distract your dog while fireworks are going off by playing games or give him treats he has to work to get out of a toy.

Does your dog get upset during fireworks? Do you have any tips to share to help keep dogs safe and calm?

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