The Summer Cabin Guest Room

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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Do you have a summer cabin? If you do, here’s a guest post from Bob with some thoughts on how to maximize the space you have for guests.
Summer Cabin
If you are lucky enough to be able to rent a cabin for taking vacations in the summer then you probably want to invite friends and family over so you can enjoy your vacation with them and show off a little bit. Well, now you need to think about where to let them sleep. Or do you force them to sleep on that old pullout couch you’ve had since college?
Never make anyone sleep on that couch again. Just throw it out and replace it with a good quality futon. It will be much appreciated and your guests will wake up with considerably less back pain. Why haven’t you voluntarily slept on that pullout couch since college? Because, it is an uncomfortable sleeping arrangement and it puts a cramp in your back every time. Your friends and family will not want to visit a second time if that is where you make them sleep.
Bunk beds are a great option for a guest room in your summer cabin. Convert the basement into a guest room and fill that guest room with three sets of bunk beds. Let your guests sleep comfortably and relive their days at camp. Not only is this a much more comfortable option than many others but you can effectively double the sleeping space with each set of bunk beds you use. They are a really great option in every bedroom. Especially if you are tight on space but have a lot of guest coming to visit. You don’t want to force too many people into tents on the lawn. If they volunteer to do a little impromptu camping then do not discourage them but don’t make it their only option.
Between a living room full of futons and a guest room full of bunk beds, you should be all set for sleeping arrangements. The most stressful part of planning is taken care of.

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pat. marsden February 6, 2012 - 8:26 am

When I first moved to the shore and had three bedrooms plus space in the downstairs to sleep lots more, the house was filled all summer quite expensive for me until I decided to eat out dutch treat. I try to remember that lesson whenever and wherever I visit.

Kimberly B. February 7, 2012 - 8:51 pm

I can relate to the pullout couch. When we stayed at a friend’s beach cabin, they had one of those. The mattress was like the episode on “I Love Lucy” train episode when they had the terrible mattress. I remember the pullout couch more than anything else about the trip.


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