SketchPhrase Drawing And Telephone Game App – Eat Poop You Cat!

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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There is something just inherently funny about drawing games. Probably because we all have different drawing talents (mine stink). It’s probably also because we all interpret drawings differently. Like the game of telephone you played when you were a child, whatever was said in the beginning was usually changed into something completely different by the end. Well, there’s a new app out from Kihon Games that combines these elements and it’s called SketchPhrase.

To play SketchPhrase you login with Facebook, your email, or as a guest. Once logged in, the fist player writes down a phrase. The second player attempts to draw that phrase. The third player attempts to guess what the drawing is of. Some of the drawings are pretty good, which is when you would want to “star” or “vote” for that drawing, which in turn gives points to the artist and writing levels of a player. Here’s a more detailed description of the app, and a trailer that shows you how it works.

SketchPhrase app

Aspiring artist? Witty wordsmith? See how you stack up in the SketchPhrase community. Level up your skills as both an Artist and Writer when friends reward your clever work with “Likes” and “Stars”.

This is a mobile rendition of the classic pencil and paper drawing telephone game which is known to some as ‘Chinese Whispers’ and others endearingly as ‘Eat Poop You Cat’. The game mashes the drawing interpretation elements of ‘Pictionary’ with the miscommunication elements of ‘Telephone’.

SketchPhrase begins with one player writing a phrase, any phrase. 
Example: “T-Rex eating a hot dog”

The second player gets to draw the phrase that was created similar to ‘Pictionary’.

The third player describes the drawing. This player does not know what the original phrase was and thus his description could evolve the game as seen in the classic game ‘Telephone’.

The game will be complete once nine people have submitted turns. The end result is a comic strip of alternating drawings and images that show how the chain of communication took hilarious and un-expected turns.


• Turn-based Multiplayer – Play online with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or e-mail. The more friends, the more fun!
• Party Mode – Add instant fun to your next party as you play offline on a single device with pass and play!
• Gallery – Save favorites, vote up your friends, and explore the top-ranked random games.
• Integrated Matchmaking – We will automatically match you with your Facebook friends. Or choose to send games directly to a specific friend.
• View anyone’s gallery of their best work by clicking their avatar.
• Leaderboards – Level up your drawing and writing skills and see how you stack up against your friends.
• Achievements – Over 40 achievements to earn in-game!
• Custom Water Color Brushes – Blend colors and create true works of art with our specialty brushes.
• Color Packs – Additional colors to brighten up your drawings.
Share with your Friends! Post your masterpieces & witty phrases to Facebook & Twitter.
• Asynchronous Multiplayer – Play at your own pace.
• Think of something funny? Create your own game and watch how it evolves.
• Push notifications – Be alerted when games you participated in are completed and when friends send you game invites.
• Universal App with iPhone5 Support
• Please keep it clean as your games can be viewed by all ages. Report users who are out of line. Repeat offenders will be banned from the game.

Still have questions? The best way to learn is by playing. Download the app now!

SketchPhrase app

SketchPhrase is available to download for FREE in the App Store.
There is also SketchPhrase AD-FREE version available for $2.99 that includes:

  • 400 Free Coins
  • 30 Extra Stars
  • And of course, NO ADS!


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Kihon Games on Twitter

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pat. marsden December 12, 2012 - 4:16 am

Problem for me would be my talents limit me to drawing my breath and that not always so good.

Maryann D. December 15, 2012 - 7:31 pm

This would be fun for my kids. I would love to see how they would do it. My son cannot draw at all, but my daughter is a very talented Artist. They would enjoy this though.


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