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What types of side dishes do you usually make? We make a lot of rice around here, and some pasta. We don’t make potatoes for a side very often because they’re a pain in the butt to make, what with the peeling, cutting, boiling, mashing and all. They’re just not easy or fun. Fortunately for me, one of my favorite sides ever is Stove Top Stuffing, which has just gotten easier than ever to have whenever you want it.

Stove Top Everyday Chicken Canister


Easier to prepare, and packed with flavorful herbs and spies already mixed in, Stove Top Everyday Stuffing Mix is the “un-boring” side dish solution the family will love year-round. Available in Chicken and Homestyle Herb, one serving of Stove Top Everyday Stuffing Mix takes just two minutes to prepare in the microwave ansd can easily be incorporated into any recipe to make an everyday family dinner tastier and more exciting.


I received a sample of the Stove Top Everyday Chicken Stuffing Mix. The stuffing is super easy to make and requires all of three ingredients – the stuffing mix, margarine and water.

Stove Top ingredients

Combine the ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and mix.

Stove Top Ingredients Bowl

Microwave for however long is specified on the chart.

Stove Top Finished

Serve. That’s it! It tastes the same as the Stove Top in the box too!

What I like best about Stove Top Everyday is that it’s super easy and quick to make, just what this Mom needs after a busy day at work. I also love that it’s more economical than buying boxes when you’re using it in recipes. I’ve used Stove Top in recipes for a long time, for things like meatloaf and casseroles. There have been many times I did not need a whole box so some was wasted. The resealable canister allows you to measure out exactly what you need to use in your recipe or for your side dish. And for those moments where you’re the only one that wants stuffing (which happens to me a lot), it’s perfect for that too!

Stove Top Everyday Stuffing Mix is available in grocery stores nationwide. The Chicken flavor is available in an 8 oz canister that retails for $2.49 or a 12 oz canister that retails for $3.49. The Homestyle Herb flavor is available in an 8 oz canister that retails for $2.49.


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pat.navymom May 25, 2011 - 10:07 am

For a quick dressing Stove Top is great.


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