REVIEW – Omega3Water

by Valerie Gray, From Val's Kitchen

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We drink a lot of water here in our house. Three out of the four of us absolutely love flavored water, which is why I was excited to receive the opportunity to try something new – Omega Water.

Omega3Water Bottles



Omega3Water® combines refreshment and health optimization by introducing the country’s first flavored water infused with omega-3 nutrients. It has been chosen as one of the “Top 12 Best New Products” in the exclusive Bevnet LIVE New Beverage Showdown.

“Omega-3 is one of the core nutrients to a healthy lifestyle. As more people become health conscious, we start to see supplements with omega-3 (like fish oil), flying off shelves. We needed a way to incorporate more omega-3s into our daily routine,” said Dr. Ed Beja, creator of Omega3Water. The solution was an innovative new way for people to get omega-3s – from drinking water.

Omega3Water is available two great-tasting, vegetarian-friendly, kosher-certified flavors: Bold Berry and Orange Kiwi. The omega-3 nutrients in Omega3Water are sourced from flax seed, assuring that no fish taste is EVER included!


I received a case of Omega3Water in Bold Berry flavor. Now the first thing I must mention is that I am sure that I don’t get enough omega-3 nutrients. How do I know that? I don’t eat a lot of the foods that have them like fish. And, I already take two supplements since having Lap band surgery, and don’t really wish to add more into the mix. Why do I care? Current research demonstrates that adding omega-3 nutrients to your diet can help reduce the risk of heart disease, slow down the aging process, ease stress and depression, improve memory function, and lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. I drink water, and often it’s flavored water. So the idea of getting some nutrients that are good for me from something I already use is great. But how does it taste? Actually, it tastes really good. I was skeptical about my water containing flax seed or something found in fish, I thought for sure it would taste gross. I was surprised to find that this water tastes really good. The Bold Berry actually tastes like I would hope a berry flavored water would taste – like berries. For those wondering, it also doesn’t smell like bad either. I liked the water best cold or on ice, but it wasn’t to bad at room temp either. This water would be great for both kids and adults.


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patricia Marsden November 11, 2012 - 6:56 am

I too love flavored water.

Gianna November 21, 2012 - 5:25 pm

Both flavors sound good.


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