Review of the Mr Coffee FTX43 Coffee Maker

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We recently got a new coffee maker at work. Since I’m one of the first ones to arrive in the morning it is not out of the ordinary for me to make coffee. This is a review of the Mr Coffee FTX43 Coffee Maker, the new coffee maker bought for the kitchen where I work.

The top left picture is actually the picture from the Mr Coffee website and it is there because I neglected to take a picture of the actual coffee pot. The picture on the top right is of the unit in the kitchen at work. This coffee maker makes up to twelve cups and has a brew strength selector. The pause and serve feature allows you to pour coffee before brewing is completed, and users have the ability to hear an audible beep when coffee is finished brewing. The warmer plate lets you choose how hot you want your coffee and there is a two hour auto shut off feature built in. There is a built in clock as well as the capability to schedule brewing up to a day in advance, and the clock will display how long the coffee has been on for after it’s finished brewing.

This model water fill windows on both sides, which is nice so you don’t have to twist your head around to see how much more water you need to add. I love that you can program to have coffee made up to a day in advance. The pause and serve feature is one that I always look for in a coffee maker, because sometimes I simply cannot wait. Two other features I really like are the warmer temperature knob and the brew strength selector. These two things allow you to control exactly how your coffee comes out. The fresh brew timer is nice but it isn’t a must have for me. If the warmer is still on I know it’s less than two hours old. One of the girls at work loves it because it’s a visible timer that tells you how long your coffee has been finished. It doesn’t start the clock until brewing is finished.

Up top, the brew basket lid splits into the pour through reservoir lid to make for easier filling. I do not like the brew basket. I feel it is too small. I have big hands and it’s hard for me to grab it and get it out of there. Almost every time we make a twelve cup pot, which is every time we make coffee, when you life the basket out it’s so full it almost always spills a little into the brew basket. I’d like to see it be a little taller. Also, the pour through reservoir lid is a good idea but because of the angle you pour at some water always seems to drip down the side of the machine. I find the counter and the coffee machine usually need to be wiped off after starting a pot of coffee because the water is everywhere.

The Mr Coffee FTX43 Coffee Maker is available both in stores and online and sells for between $45 and $70. The one at my work was bought at Costco. It’s a nice looking coffee pot but in my opinion not worth the money for what you get.

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