Review of Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Slow Cooker

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Hamilton Beach Stay Or Go Slow Cooker review Hamilton Beach Stay Or Go Slow Cooker review

Hamilton Beach Stay Or Go Slow Cooker review Hamilton Beach Stay Or Go Slow Cooker review

This is a review of the Hamilton Beach 6 quart Stay or Go Slow Cooker. The top left picture is of the box the cooker came in. It comes really well packed and snug in its box. The top right picture is of the cooker after being removed from most of the packaging. Once you get it out of the styrofoam you get an idea for how nicely this cooker is made. It’s isn’t flimsy at all. I was surprised to see it came with a really nice quality serving spoon, and it wasn’t one of those cheap nylon ones you can get in a discount store either. The bottom left picture is of the inner crock and the outer appliance that it sits in when separated. The inner part of the cooker where the food sits is a large stoneware crock. It removes from the outer part of the appliance for storage, serving or easy cleaning. This is the part that weights the most. The bottom right picture is of the glass lid, which has a rubber gasket type of seal on it. Yes, I said glass lid. No cheap plastic here. Glass is much nicer to clean and ages much better than plastic. And you can see through it better as well. The cooker has very large handles for carrying, which is nice if you’re bringing it somewhere. The glass lid actually clamps down on both sides to stay in place. The top of the glass lid has a lid rest that also serves as the serving spoon holder. On the front of the cooker is what I can only call a tag holder. The cooker comes with assorted tags with different recipe names on them, as well as blank tags. You would use these if you were bringing the cooker somewhere else and wanted those getting food to know what it is. Obviously you wouldn’t need the recipe tags at home.

I used the cooker at home to make chicken, vegetables and rice. It took about six hours, which is what it was supposed to take for the recipe I used. Everything came out fine, nothing stuck to the crock. After serving and storing the leftovers I washed it in the sink. It washed quite easily and nicely. I’m looking forward to using this a lot in my home now that the cold has arrived. And now I have no reason not to bring in something hot the next time there’s a party. I recommend it highly.

The Hamilton Beach 6 quart Stay or Go Slow Cooker can be found in most department type of stores as well as online. It retails for between $30 and $40, depending on where you buy it. There is also a 4 quart version of the cooker available as well, but being as it retails for only a few dollars less than it’s larger sister I’d buy the 6 quart. If you decide to get one, leave me a comment of how you liked it. Happy cooking!

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blueyes January 3, 2008 - 4:19 pm

You got any recipes that go for like 11-12 hours? I’d love to have something not overcooked when I get home from work to eat before my 2nd job. I bought me the 3 quart one 🙂 I have no use for a 6-quart although I don’t think it’s Hamilton Beach :/


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