Review of Chocolate Drenched Milano cookies

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In the holiday season of 2006 I came across a coookie by Pepperidge Farms called the Cholcate Enrobed Milano. It was a special edition milano cookie covered in chocolate and it disappeared in early January, never to be seen again. Which was a bummer, because I really liked them.

This year in mid December I was in Target and I happened to notice a display containing the cookies, or so I thought. When I got close enough, I saw that the package did indeed have what seemed to be the same cookie. But now it was available in three flavors, and had been renamed Chocolate Drenched Milano. The blue box is milk chocolate covered, the red box is dark chocolate covered and the green box is mint dark chocolate covered. Decisions, decisions.

I bought a box of the dark. Five minutes later I got home and poured myself a glass of milk, and called my oldest son to the kitchen. I didn’t invite my youngest because these cookies do have gluten, which he cannot have. Hubby wasn’t home for this. There were seven cookies in the package. Each cookie was in it’s own slot in a small plastic tray. And it tasted soooo good. The actual Milano part of the cookie tasted like any regular Milano. If you’ve never had one, the regular Milano cookie has a layer of milk chocolate sandwiched between two cookies of a very delicate consistency. The chocolate covering on the cookies was rippled and smooth. It was a perfect combination with the cold milk, and I was in heaven. My son did not care much for the dark chocolate flavor so he only had two. My intentions were good, I was going to save two for hubby but I must announce they didn’t make it that long. I did take a picture of a halved cookie, but it came out rather blurry. I couldn’t try again because all of the cookies were gone by then.

This week I was in Target and they were still carrying the cookies, so I bought another box. This time I bought the milk chocolate drenched. Everyone was home, so hubby and my oldest son each had two and I had three. My son enjoyed these very much and said the only downfall was that there weren’t more of them. My hubby liked them a lot as well, but thought they’d be best served with coffee. For me, they tasted just like the ones I’d had last year that started it all.

I recommend these cookies highly to anyone wanting a little treat. Pepperidge Farms Chocolate Drenched Milano Cookies seem to be a special edition cookie only available in the December to January time period. There are seven cookies in the 4.3 ounce box, and one box costs about $3.99.

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