REVIEW – Discovery Mythbusters Science Of Sports Kit

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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Discovery Mythbusters Science Of Sports Kit Box


There will be lots of variables to test in the myths Jamie and Adam included in this kit, which try to prove some of the crazy stories the guys have heard about sports. It might seem that the outcome in sports comes down to which team has the most luck or which athlete has the most talent. And sure, both of those things are important. But science plays a major role in sports as well. You couldn’t score a goal or hit a home run or throw a touchdown without it. What do you think will happen when we start using our brains and not just our muscles?

Locate the sweet spot on any bat. Discover how curve balls really curve. Learn how to rest and digest for added energy. Test the myth of the “big bounce”. Jamie and Adam, the Mythbusters, have included some of the best sports myths for you to test and either CONFIRM or BUST!

Kit Includes: string, mallet, ping-pong ball, baseball, rubber ball, chart, sticker sheet, marker, clear tube, face paint, stick, and activity guide.


I received the Mythbusters Science Of Sports Kit. The kit is labeled as being targeted at ages 9 and up so it really isn’t a terrific fit for my youngest, who is 11 and developmentally delayed. As he didn’t try it I can’t share his thoughts with you but I can tell you this. I think the idea of a product designed to get a child interested in learning and science is a good idea. Many people might not realize that there is a science in sports, so the idea of testing what might happen without science is a fun one. This is a great activity for you to do with your kids, or for siblings to do together.

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