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Review of the colorful, first-of-its kind cookbook Pie-Modding. With 100 pages of full color tutorials, author Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin dispels myths that pie dough is too difficult to “fancy up” by taking us step-by-step through some of her greatest works of edible pie art.

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 Pie Modding : How to “Epic-Up” Store Bought Pies and Be the Hero of the Party

Pie Modding

  • Author: Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin
  • Perfect Paperback: 100 pages
  • Publisher: Pies Are Awesome Ventures Ltd.; 1st edition (2017)
  • ISBN-10: 0995929300
  • ISBN-13: 978-0995929302

In this first-of-its-kind book on “epic pie decorating”, Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin (aka @thePieous) of the blog Pies Are Awesome introduces novice and veteran bakers alike to a new world of delicious pie-sabilities (and pie puns.) With 100 pages of full color tutorials, Pie-Modding teaches us how to take pie designing to new heights (figuratively and literally) by employing a host of creative new techniques – everything from building stable pastry armatures to sculpting and retaining detail in this notoriously finicky medium. Jessica dispels the myths that pie dough is too difficult to “fancy up” by taking us step-by-step through some of her greatest baking secrets to create a host of truly unique offerings of edible pie art.

Jessica has been dubbed “Pie Hacker”, “Pastry Queen” ,”Carbohydrate Whisperer” and “The Woman Responsible for Making Pies Cool Again” by media around the world – and it’s no wonder. Her paradigm-busting pie art videos for the Food Network and Cooking Channel have garnered millions of views, with many generating over 10 million views in their first week. Jessica and her pies have been featured on ABCs the Chew, numerous times in Food & Wine Magazine, and her 2016 Kickstarter campaign for a new line of pie baking tools quickly surpassed its funding goal by 1600%. With a mission to both demystify and reinvent pies for the modern world, Pie-Modding is Jessica’s first volley in her bid to challenge cake’s coveted spot on the dessert tables of our weddings, holiday feasts, and all of life’s big events.

You may have noticed that the appearance of many store-bought pies are rather boring. I’ve never drastically changed the appearance of a pie, other than adding some whipped cream or ice cream. I really wouldn’t know where to begin. The cookbook Pie-Modding shows you everything you need to do to take a boring pie and transform it into a piece of unique and intriguing edible art, and even includes templates you’ll need to make your own works of art.

The beginning of the book contains information on how to use the book. Then come the recipes.

The chapters in this book are:

  • Double Crust Pie Mods
  • Criss-Cross Pie Mods
  • Flat Top Pie Mods
  • Tart & Hand Pie Mods
  • Cream Pie Mods

Each recipe comes with a step-by-steo tutorial of how to put your pie together. The instructions are all well-written and easy enough to understand. Photos are included for many of the steps, which is something I find very helpful when I’m creating something I’ve never tried making before or something that requires a good amount of labor and/or attention. It should be noted that these are not desserts you can whip together in 5 minutes when company shows up unexpectedly. The recipes don’t include a total prep and cooking time because of the amount of work and attention to detail that is required. So, if you are planning a get-together, be sure to look through this book ahead of time to determine which dessrt you want to serve and get an early start on it. The pies shown in the book are all interesting and intriguing, and sure to get the attention of all of your guests.

Pie-Modding Cookbook Review

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