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Dictionary.com Announces SAT App for iPhone
High school students across the country are preparing to take the SATs on October 6th and what better way for them to study than by using Dictionary.com’s new SAT app for iPhone.
As the only SAT prep app created in partnership with the SAT experts at Kaplan, SAT by Dictionary.com contains 500 of the most frequently tested words on the SAT. Each day players receive a word mastery goal that takes into account the number of study days left until their test. While the majority of SAT apps are drill-based, the SAT by Dictionary.com app adds an extra gaming layer to make studying fun and memorable–play games, earn badges, accomplish goals and unlock content:
Three fast-paced game types mirror concepts commonly tested on the SAT: word meaning, antonyms, and sentence completion
Virtual flashcards help players practice words and definitions at their own pace
A library of expert-written test-taking tips helps players face the SAT with confidence
10 minutes a day brings players closer to a better SAT score.
Dictionary.com’s Word Dynamo also offers Kaplan content online at http://dynamo.dictionary.com/search/kaplan.
SAT by Dictionary.com is the first in a series of apps that will deliver Word Dynamo’s gamified learning experience through mobile platforms.

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pat. marsden September 30, 2012 - 7:06 am

I use dictionaries so this app wooule work for me if I used a smart phone.


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