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I frequently receive email from companies asking me to share news or discounts with my readers. Each week I’ll gather the best requests and share them with you here.

WeVideo – a new, creative and free way to edit videos through PCs, tablets or mobile devices

With WeVideo, you simply upload your video clips and photos, create your storylines, and edit them in the cloud. Oh, that “cloud thing”, it means the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product. For you that means there’s no software to download. All video story creation takes place in the browser on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

You can create videos “in the moment” wherever you are, making the process convenient and timely. We also give you full creative control, and we’ve made it really easy. And with WeVideo, you can collaborate with others on video stories. You can co-create the same video or come up with your own unique versions from the clips in your own cloud-based video library. Once created, you can share your video in basic Internet or high-definition quality on the WeVideo site or publish it to your favorite video-sharing, social-networking, or other online site.

We believe everyone has a story to tell. It is time to tell yours with WeVideo.

Manilla Goes Mobile and Adds Digital Accounts

Manilla allows users to manage accounts that include finance, household/bills, magazine subscriptions and travel rewards programs. As of today, Manilla adds the ability to manage digital accounts including online entertainment subscription services and daily deal sites. Groupon and LivingSocial coupons will automatically be delivered and stored in Manilla, and Manilla customers will receive reminders about upcoming coupon expiration dates that are otherwise hard to track. Manilla users now also have access to their Netflix accounts, allowing them to easily monitor their queues and subscriptions.

Manilla gives consumers access to more than 1,200 accounts within the categories of finance, household/bills, subscriptions and travel rewards programs. It takes just minutes to personalize and add to a Manilla account, allowing for simple account management. The integration of mobile apps and popular digital accounts provide Manilla users with a more convenient experience to organize all their household accounts.

Starting 09/14, users can download Manilla’s free mobile apps from the Apple App Store and the Android Market. The mobile apps allow Manilla customers to manage accounts and receive reminders to pay bills while on the go. Anyone can create a Manilla account from the mobile apps and start relying on it for bill and other account reminders. Additional mobile features include the ability to add service providers as well as view bills, statements and account data.

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