8 Home Exterior Maintenance Tips For Spring

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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8 Home Exterior Maintenance Tips For Spring

Spring is almost here! The cold weather will be behind us soon, giving us an opportunity to spend more time outside. Just as the change of seasons presents an opportunity to change curtains and bedding and such, it also presents an opportunity to get some things done around the house.

Here are a few tips for preparing your home for the milder spring weather.

Inspect Your Roof

Are the shingles on your roof still intact or do they need replacement? Are there any leaks? A roof can be damaged, especially if you’ve just had a rough winter. Spring is a good time to have the roof inspected.

Clean Your Gutters

Be sure you clean out the gutters, removing any leaves, branches and debris that might have accumulated during the winter. Doing so will aid in the proper drainage for the spring rain showers. Make sure downspouts drain away from the foundation and are clear and free of debris. Improper drainage can lead to water in places you don’t want it, such as the basement or crawl space.

Clean Up The Exteriors of Your Home

Cleaning the interiors of our homes is just as important as the outside. After all, the exterior of a home is more exposed to rough weather conditions during the cold winter months than inside of a home. Be sure to sweep and clear out any leaves, branches and debris that may have gathered around the outside of the house over the winter. Wash the outside of the windows, hose down the siding, and check the caulking around your windows and doors as well.

Check Outside Faucets

Check your outside hose faucets for freeze damage. Turn the water on and place your thumb or finger over the opening. If you can stop the flow of water, the pipe inside the home may be damaged and need to be replaced. This is also a good time to check your garden hose for dry rot.

Check Your Windows

Check your windows and screens. If you had a particularly rough winter, you’ll want to recaulk windows and inspect them for water damage and rot. Should you notice condensation between layers of glass, you’ll want to replace the sash or the window. Replace damaged and warped screens so that you can enjoy warm spring breezes without being bothered by bugs.

Service the AC Unit

Have a qualified heating and cooling contractor clean and service the outside unit of the air conditioning system. Clean coils operate more efficiently, and an annual service call will keep the system working at peak performance levels. Change interior filters on a regular basis.

Get The Lawn Into Shape

Once the snow melts, you’ll probably need to take some steps to get your yard back into shape. Start your lawn work by raking away any leaves, branches, and clutter that was hidden under the snow all winter. Prune and trim your trees and shrubs and then haul away compost debris. Reseed any damaged or bare parts of your lawn using grass seed and fertilizer.

Prevent Bugs from Coming In

Bugs and pets often arrive along with milder weather. Minimize opportunities for them to get in the house. Chop off branches or trim shrubs that may be touching the walls or the roof because a lot of times these are the ways where bugs can enter your house.

If there’s a lot of work needed around the exterior of your home, you may need to get help. It’s less expensive to do or hire help getting these tasks done rather than leave them undone, which increases your risk of having a problem once the nice weather arrives.

Once these things are done you’re on your way to being able to relax and enjoy the spring season.

Do you have any home exterior maintenance tips for spring?

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