MOM KNOWS IT ALL 2018 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – iHealth PT3 Infrared Thermometer

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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MOM KNOWS IT ALL 2018 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE – iHealth PT3 Infrared Thermometer

MOM KNOWS IT ALL 2018 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - iHealth PT3 Infrared Thermometer

Parents, particularly new ones, almost always have a thermometer in the house. I remember when my boys were young the only thermometers were the old-school ones. They were the worst to use, getting a child to be still while waiting for the temperature to read was no easy challenge. Around the time my boys were born digital thermometers were starting to surge in popularity. They weren’t as hard to position, but you still had to wait. Today a parent doesn’t have to get a child into position or wait for the temperature to read, thanks to infrared technology in the iHealth PT3 Infrared Thermometer. Simply hold, aim and press… and a simple vibration lets you know it is done. With a backlight for nighttime reading, this is definitely a parenting game-changer and a must have holiday gift for any parent or parent-to-be.

iHealth PT3 Infrared Thermometer

MOM KNOWS IT ALL 2018 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE - iHealth PT3 Infrared Thermometer

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Touch free. Hassle free.

With advanced no-touch infrared technology, you get an immediate reading without ever having to try to tuck it under your child’s tongue, place it in his/her ear, or rub it across his/her forehead to gain an accurate reading.

See it in 1 second.

That’s right. Just 1 second. You get your baby’s temperature instantly. No more fiddling to get the right position and waiting for seconds or even minutes for the results.

3 built-in sensors.
Accuracy you can trust.

Our ultra-sensitive infrared sensor measures IR energy emitted from the forehead and collects more than 100 data points per second. The additional distance and environmental sensors make necessary adjustments to give you accurate readings.

Hold. Aim. Press.

So easy your child can do it.

Hold your thermometer within 1 inch of the forehead and aim it at the center. Start measuring with a press of a button (the only button). It’s that simple. Let your child take your temperature next time!

Backlight for nighttime reading.

Invisible when not in use, a large backlit LED screen displays the reading in bright white light. See it clearly even in total darkness.

Safe and hygienic.

No more worrying about cross-contamination and spreading the germs to the entire household. Our no-touch thermometer is 100% safe and hygienic. So you can focus on the baby, not the germs.

It vibrates when done.

You get a gentle vibration when the reading is done in 1 second. No annoying beeps that may wake up the baby.

Yes, looks do matter.

Even a mundane activity such as taking your temperature can be fun. So we designed the world’s best looking thermometer and we know you’ll love it. A single button minimizes confusion and a hidden LED display gives it a minimalist look. The 15.5° angled head gives you the most comfortable grip for measuring yourself and others.


You can learn more and purchase the iHealth PT3 Infrared Thermometer on the iHealth website. You can also keep up with iHealth on social media, on Facebook and Twitter.

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