Steps To Creating A Healthier Kid Friendly Home

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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Are you sometimes overwhelmed by reading about the number of dangerous chemicals that can lurk in your home? If creating a safe, toxin-free environment for your family seems daunting, you’ll love this simple infographic about creating a kid-friendly healthy home. The graphic is designed to help you rid your home of four of the top toxic threats that are common in American households. It offers simple solutions to eliminate BPA plastics, noxious cleaning products, and harmful hand soaps, and it also offers advice on freshening the air in your home without chemicals.

You’ve probably heard about the health risks of BPA plastics, but did you know they are a source of brain and behavior issues in young children? This clever infographic tells you how to easily identify the hard plastics you should be avoiding and helps you figure out which ones are safe. Next, you’ll find a list of cleaning product ingredients that are toxic, along with organic alternatives to keep on hand. For fresh, healthy indoor air, try replacing your HVAC filters regularly instead of using chemical air fresheners. Finally, eliminate anti-bacterial soaps and those with heavy allergy-inducing fragrances by teaching your kids hand-washing techniques that kill germs using simple hand soaps.

Reducing the chemicals in your home leads to healthier indoor air and protects your kids from toxins and allergens. Figuring out exactly what to eliminate and what to use instead, is sometimes overwhelming, but this graphic offers a simple approach to making your home a healthier environment for your whole family.

Kid Friendly Healthy Home Infographic


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pat.navymom August 9, 2017 - 8:24 am

Kids mean safety first–NO toys or anything on stairs; NO toys on the potty; NO toys in the kitchen–too many dangerous trip and falls. That leaves a whole house….


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