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by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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I love tech and gadgets. But, tech isn’t something everyone is comfortable with. I am always interested to learn about different types of tech. Smart umbrella? That’s intriguing to me! Read on, as Jim shares his top two new tech picks (which I am sharing with permission).

Gadgets for Your Home

Technology can be a scary prospect to some people, for they fear it is too complicated to enjoy, and yet there are simply no end of fantastic gadgets for your home that can truly revolutionise the way you interact with the world around you. What is more, advancements are being made all the time to ensure that the gadgets you do use are the best you can get, thus giving you the best commodities money can buy. Even if you just want to lightly dip your toe into the waters of technology, don’t fret because there is something out there (or several for that matter) that will integrate into your home and lifestyle seamlessly.

For Everyday

Lets face it, a lot of the time we want our tech to have multiple uses in order to make the initial payout feel worthwhile. Unfortunately, a lot of fancy technology can hide the smaller but equally impressive pieces that you’ll want to invest in. Consider for a moment an umbrella, a necessary item that for some reason we are always misplacing, breaking, or forgetting entirely – wouldn’t it be great to have a ‘smart brolly’? Oombrella is a project currently in progress that sends weather alerts, reminds you if you’ve forgotten your umbrella, and even shares information with the servers to keep all information up to date. You get to stay dry, and know whether it’s worth leaving the brolly at home today.

For Leisure

A lot of our daily routines can feel like a list of chores that seem to repeat themselves endlessly, driving us mad and having us reaching for a glass of wine at the end of a long day. This is why having gadgets to help you unwind and savour a few minutes of fun are of utmost importance when you’re looking to kit out your home. You don’t need to buy a DS or new console to be entertained either, for now there are such a great range of tablets available that function as work equipment and entertainment hubs. When using them you can install apps like Sims Freeplay from EA or alternately play roulette online with providers like Betway; there is no end of choices to select, and even then it’s likely you can find a fresh new use for your tablet should the other outlets start to feel too repetitive.

For Efficiency

It’s all well and good having a wide variety of gadgets, but in the end you want them to have valid uses, not just be there for fun or convenience, which is why energy efficient technology is exactly what your home needs. Everything in our society costs more nowadays, and as such we’re always on the lookout for a way to save extra pennies, and as a result we turn to our utility bills, our comings and goings. Smart faucets are the best solution for eco friendly techies, for it can save you up to over 1,000 gallons of otherwise misused and wasted water; good for all households, it is especially good for those on water metres.

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