Deal Alert On Infrared Wireless Headphones

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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My husband loves music. Actually, we all love music in my house. Many nights he can be found sitting tethered to a piece of the stereo listening to music. I found some wireless headphones on sale at and wondered how well they’d work and if he’d like them. I wear headphones on the computer all of the time and can only imagine how nice it would be to go cordless. I’m hoping to find a good deal on Bluetooth computer headphones for myself, since the cord for my headphones now keeps getting tangled and in my way. Anyway. The wireless headphones I found are infrared, check them out.

The Able Planet IR200T Sound Clarity IR Wireless Headphones use a patented LINX Audio technology that is designed to increase clarity without increasing volume. I like that the ear pieces cover the whole ear. I don’t know how the battery life is but did see that the headphones turn themselves off if they don’t get an audio signal for 3.5 minutes. What sounds great is that ability for the headphones to fold into a flat package for easy storage. Ever notice how awkward headphones are? The ability to be folded flat would be awesome for when you’re not using them.

The Able Planet IR200T Sound Clarity IR Wireless Headphones come with a lifetime warranty. The box includes the AblePlanet IR200T Sound Clarity™ Wireless Headphones, a transmitter, an AC adapter and a 1/8″ to stereo RCA cable. Two AA batteries are required for operation. They have a list price of $129.99 and are currently on sale for $49.99. They’re also eligible for free shipping, making it an even bigger savings! If you’re looking for wireless stereo headphones it might be beneficial to check these out.

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pat. December 8, 2009 - 9:58 pm

I know a young man who would die for this.


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