Countertop Blender Buying Guide

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ninja countertop blender The countertop blender, or stand blender, is the most common blender. It can handle many tasks, the most common being mixing, pureeing, chopping and crushing.

Countertop, or stand, blenders are the most common type of blender. These blenders can handle many tasks, with the most common being mixing, pureeing, chopping and crushing. The most common models have pitchers that are made of glass or plastic. Models with plastic pitchers are often less expensive than models with glass pitchers. Glass is heavier than plastic, which helps keep the blender stable. Plastic can scratch, which means the pitcher doesn’t look as clean and could potentially absorb the smell of food you’ve blended. Blenders can have anywhere from three to sixteen speeds. Different models are controlled in different ways. These blenders are great for beverages, they’re not the easiest to use when it comes to hot foods.Below are some of the most popular countertop blenders on the market today.

Wondering what you can do with a countertop blender? There are tons of blender recipes out there!

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