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by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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Want to give your special someone a personalized gift that will be cherished and help bring memories back to life? Send a Pillowgram! A Pillowgram is a personalized photo pillow that you design. It’s a gift you can snuggle! Pillowgram Photo Pillow

Designing your personalized photo pillow is easy.First choose the size pillow that you want. Photo pillows come in two sizes – 16” x 16” and 18” x 18”. We chose a 16×16 square pillow. You import the photos you want to use. You can use anywhere from 1 to 40 photos to make your pillow. You can drag and drop your photos into the spaces you want, or you can use the built-in auto-fill feature. You can also add text and titles to your pillow, for which there is a nice selection of fonts and graphics. Pillowgram Photo Pillow

You can choose the background of your pillow. You have the ability to choose from many different colors, patterns and textures. I chose black. Pillowgram Photo Pillow

You can use your photos in over 300 shapes, things like hearts, letters, seasons, states and much more. I chose to stay pretty close to the original shape of my photos. Pillowgram Photo Pillow

You can even add a filter to your photos while designing, to give different effects to the overall look. Pillowgram Photo Pillow

Or, you can make it grayscale.

A photo pillow takes a couple of days to make, so don’t think this is a gift you can just have shipped right this minute. Allow yourself a little bit of time for it to be made and be delivered.

The pillow arrived and I was so pleased with it. The pillow is very soft. The pictures were exactly where I placed them and they looked great. I had wondered about washing it, since it’s a pillow and pillows are filled. The pillow has a removable machine-washable cover. We made this for my son’s girlfriend, and she was totally thrilled to receive such a personal and sentimental gift.

The Photo Pillow, or Pillowgram if you prefer, makes a unique gift for a loved one, not only for Valentine’s Day but for any occasion. It looks great anywhere – on a bed, chair or couch. It’s a wonderful way to preserve memories and also makes a great conversation piece.

Pricing for a Photo Pillow starts at $53.99.

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