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by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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While I have a recipe blog, I have never called myself or considered myself to be a food blogger. At best I could be called a foodie, but even that’s not a great fit. A foodie is somebody who enjoys cooking, eating, and/or shopping for good food. I like to eat good food, but good is such a relative word. If I had to label myself with one food related adjective, it’d almost certainly be hungry.

I can cook but I’m no gourmet. That’s evident from some of the things that are and aren’t in my kitchen. I’ve had the same set of knives that I got on clearance at Caldor for $15 when it was going out of business so many years ago. Their wooden handles are dry and splitting and yucky to hold, and some of them have never seemed to be able to cut anything. I don’t know what all of the different knives on the market are for, all I know is there’s serrated and not serrated. One of the knives in the set is what I call the box knife, because I don’t know what it’s called or what it’s for and because I open boxes with it. I hate having to cut things because I’m not very good with knives. It can take me a half of an hour to cut a bag of potatoes and you don’t even want to know what happens when I try to carve meat.

I’m always in awe of people that can cut things quickly just by turning the knife this way and that. I’ve always wondered their secret and this week I learned what it was. The secret of cutting is having a good knife, something that I can honestly say I’ve never had until now. I say until now because this week I fortunate enough to get a chance to review a knife from New West Knife Works called The Chopper in Fusionwood. Fortunate doesn’t even cover it really. Unbelievably and amazingly lucky is more like it.

From the website: “But for the slicing and chopping needs of your kitchen, this knife is a dream. The winner of the “New West Salsa Test”. The perfect knife for those who find a large chef knife unwieldy.”

The Chopper is made of Swedish high carbon steel and has a lifetime guarantee. I did some reading and found out that Swedish steel is a big deal because of the purity of the ore, which is what gives New West Knife Works knives their hardness and causes them to retain their sharp edge. The blades are all cut and ground in Seki, Japan and each one is hand finished. The handles are produced and assembled here in the US in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where they are also hand finished. The handle of the knife that I reviewed was made of Fusionwood, which is creating by blending specific hardwoods and adding dies and resins.

Imagine making a product so good and that you pride yourself so much on that each one isn’t finished until it passes through human hands. That’s why every knife that New West Knife Works makes is considered a limited production item. That’s also why you won’t find their knives just anywhere – they’re only available for purchase through their website and at fine art and craft shows. New West Knife Works also makes Phoenix knives, as well as the Fusionwood knives. While browsing their website I even found a mini tutorial that helped me understand what each of their knives are for.

The Chopper is absolutely amazing. The handle is beautiful. That’s not something I’d usually say about a knife but it definitely applies here. The handle feels very smooth and the appealing, vivid colorful pattern is available in ten colors, each one more beautiful than the next. I was shocked to find that this knife feels natural for me to hold. It has a 5 ½ blade and is 10 inches long. It came in a thick, sturdy leather case. The knife isn’t heavy at all and yet it feels really sturdy. The handle is nice to hold, it’s really smooth. Much better than my yucky old knives. And it didn’t feel like it was too long for lil’ old me to handle.

The day I got the knife we made a beef roast. RB took a turn at cutting the roast and was delighted that it took no effort at all. He was smiling when he said “this is a REALLY good knife!”. I tried it and couldn’t believe how easy it was to cut the meat. There was no sawing, no tugging, no hacking. no kidding, The Chopper cut the roast like a butter knife in semisoft butter. This knife is so good that I was actually willing to cook potatoes without waiting for RB to get home to peel and cut them. We love our new Chopper from New West Knife Works! This is definitely a knife that every kitchen should have!


Carolyn Sharkas October 31, 2008 - 11:20 am

BG Great chopper! I love the flamenco one. I am in awe of those people who chop things so fast, too. I can’t for the life of me understand how they do that and still have all their fingers, LOL

Carolyn s.

ceashark at aol dot com

FS April 2, 2010 - 1:47 am

Awesome! I am looking into adding the Chopper to my collection. Do you find that it is a good all around knife?

valmg April 4, 2010 - 8:37 am

It’s outstanding! We use it for all sorts of things.


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