9 Best Summer Vacation Tips

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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9 Best Summer Vacation Tips

9 Best Summer Vacation Tips

Whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile, summer vacations are the perfect opportunity to get away to a favorite spot or experience new sights and adventures. Most importantly, a vacation is a time to be together and enjoy each others company. If your trip is not well planned, you may not have the best vacation possible! So regardless if you are packing up the kids in the back of the van or traveling solo to exotic destinations, here are my 9 best summer vacation travel tips to make this year’s summer vacation your best one yet.

Establish A Budget

Before you finalize your travel plans, set up a budget. Once you’ve made the plans, rethink the budget to be sure you’ve accounted for things like meals and activities, etc. A recent Expedia survey found that 57 percent of travelers blow their vacation budgets on food and drinks. Ways to stretch your budget include staying at all inclusive resorts and booking rooms with a kitchenette. Before you visit a particular city, check out what activities are free to do there. Certain areas have lots of parks, museums, beaches and other sights and attractions that will not cost little or nothing.

Pack Right

Packing is a fine balance of bringing what you really need without taking too much. How do you do it? Plan ahead, which starts with making a really good list. Be sure to have the list prepared well in advance so you aren’t hurried in packing and you dont forget anything. Bring anything you absolutely must have, as well as coordinated clothing you can mix and match. Dont bring too much of any one thing. For example, you will not wear six pairs of shoes in three days.

Have Plenty of Sun Protection

The sun’s UV rays are stronger in the summer. There is nothing worse then getting a sunburn on the first day of your summer vacation and spending the rest of the trip feeling uncomfortable. Sun protection is more important now then ever before. Bring plenty of sunscreen, as well as a hat and sunglasses.

Be Flexible

Leave a little wiggle room in your plans. Give yourself plenty of time for delayed flights and traffic jams. Even if you do not get an opportunity to do something as planned, enjoyable rest stops or detours can be used to explore and can end up being even more memorable than the planned stops. Try to avoid traveling through busy areas during peak times such as the dinner rush, as this only extends your  time in the car. Noone wants to spend their whole vacation in the car.

Bring A Camera

You would be surprised how many people either forget to bring a camera or the necessary accessories to use it such as batteries and memory card. Prepare your camera gear in advance so you have it ready to go, you do not want to miss that great sunset or your childs first encounter with the dolphin.

Keep The Kids Amused

If you are traveling with kids, make sure they have enough to stay amused. Have them a few things they love in order to keep themselves occupied during the trip on the plane or in the car. You can also find inexpensive travel games in stores, or you can play your own such as “I Spy” or the license plate game.

Be Prepared For Unexpected Weather

There is nothing worse then packing t-shirts and shorts only to be hit with a cool spell that leaves you spending your summer vacation trying to stay warm and possibly buying a lot of new clothes. You should also have a rain poncho or jacket, as some areas are prone to unexpeced summer showers.

Be Ready For An Emergency

If traveling by car, be sure to have an emergency kit. The kit should include jumper cables, basic hand tools, flares or reflective warning triangles, a first aid kit, a flashlight with fresh batteries, and a cell phone if possible.

Don’t Overdo It

Don’t overdue it while you are on vacation. It’s naturl to want to see and do things but take care not to plan too much into a short amount of time. Leave some room in the schedule to just relax. Enjoy the glorious summer days and nights, as we all know, they go by way to fast.

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Deepa September 20, 2018 - 2:52 am

These are some great tips for summer vacations. As a mom, I know how it is to travel with kids and how much planning goes in that. Carrying a camera to capture the memories is a great tip.


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