6 Backyard Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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Backyard Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

As parents we love to see our children playing happily outside. Outside can be so much fun for everyone. Adults can be nearby supervising and relaxing themselves. Before playing outside, particularly at the beginning of each season, parents need to be sure the yard is safe, for their children and themselves. Betty shared six simple backyard safety tips for parents, which I am sharing with you with permission.

Backyard Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

My kids and I like to enjoy the backyard as much as possible. Whether we’re jumping into a pile of leaves in the fall or cooking out and chilling in the swimming pool in the summertime, being outdoors as a family is sure a lot of fun. However, as mother, safety is always of the utmost importance when the kids are playing outdoors. Whether I’m watching them from the kitchen window or outside playing with them, I want to know they’re safe. Here are some safety tips all parents should keep in mind:

1.  Clearly Define Yard Space

If you have a large open backyard you’re going to want to clearly define your property and where the children are allowed to play. This way the children can play without others watching them and don’t have to worry about wandering onto the neighbor’s property. A privacy fence would be a great solution. Privacy fences are tall with no slats so you can’t see through them. They come in several colors to match the exterior of your home and varying heights for as much privacy as you need.

2.  Inspect Playground Equipment

If you have a playground in the yard for the kids make sure that you inspect it periodically to ensure its stable.  Check that the playground is installed on a level platform and that it is secure into the ground. For extra security, you might consider installing indoor/outdoor carpet for cushion as your children play. Using things like mulch and rocks could cause playground hazards.

3.  Secure All Lawn Equipment

Any tools that you might have lying around for landscaping should be securely put away. Lawn mowers, rakes, shovels, power equipment, and lawn treatment solutions need to be placed in a shed and locked.

4.  Pool Safety

Pools pose serious dangers without the proper pool safety tips. Your pool should be properly fenced in and covered when it is not in use. The fence should be at least 4 feet tall to keep kids from climbing over it. Extra safety features like a self-locking gate and an alarm or noise maker that can go off if someone goes into the pool would be ideal if you have smaller children. Make sure that steps, stools, and ladders used to access the pool are locked in the shed as well to prevent the temptation to climb in. Lastly, make sure you have a sturdy pool cover.

5.  Cover Outdoor Outlets

For families with smaller children, covering outdoor outlets is just as important as those inside. Basic outlet covers like those you would use inside the home will work just fine. You might also gate off the areas where the outlets are to prevent baby from going near them.

6.  Put Away the Grill

When not in use, make sure that the grill and all necessary supplies are secure and locked away. Propane tanks, lighter fluid, matches, and cooking utensils should be out of sight so that you children cannot access them.

Have a Talk with the Kids

Many times children get hurt because they haven’t learned about safety. While they’re supposed to be free, have fun and play, you need to sit them down and have a talk about outdoor play. You should discuss the importance of things like taking turns on the playground, not going near the pool, outlets, or the shed to avoid getting hurt.

These six safety tips are sure to make your backyard a lot safer for your children to play in. If your kids go out on a regular basis, make sure that you check periodically for hazards like glass bottles, broken railings, and things of that nature that could cause them harm. Lastly, just because you’ve gone through the process of making your backyard a lot safer for your children doesn’t mean that you should leave them unattended for too long. Children are naturally curious and could end up hurt. Proper supervision coupled with safety rules and guidelines will ensure they can enjoy their playtime – as carefree as children should.

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pat.navymom October 23, 2016 - 11:23 am

Great suggestions. Fencing always my priority.

Jacqui Odell November 1, 2016 - 2:05 pm

These are great tips! I think it’s important to clearly define which part is the yard and which is not. I always do that with my kids.

Robin November 1, 2016 - 5:18 pm

Love these suggestions. Living in AZ, I hear about way too many drownings due to no fencing or no adult supervision around pools. It’s so sad. Thanks for making people aware!


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