6 Fabulous Android Auto Features

by Valerie, Mom Knows It All

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Smartphones have transformed the way we do things today compared to how we did them years ago. Almost everything you want to do, from talking on the phone to surfing the Web and managing the details of your daily activities, can all be done from your smartphone. Not surprisingly, you want these conveniences in your car as well. Luckily for you, you’ll find many fabulous Android auto features such as the six below.

Music Apps

Almost everyone with a smartphone takes advantage of music apps. Favorite apps such as Pandora and Spotify allow you to select radio stations you love and playlists for all of your moods.

Shouldn’t you get to listen to the music you enjoy from the seat of your car? You can when you connect your Android smartphone’s interface to the car’s audio system. Connect your smartphone to your stereo via Bluetooth, auxiliary cord, or charging cable; set your radio to the right setting; and press play.

Navigation System

Every smartphone comes with a maps program that will not only show you where you’ll find your destination, but it will also give you turn-by-turn directions. In other words, you don’t need to have a car with a built-in navigation system. Instead, connect your smartphone to your stereo, mount your phone in a place where you can see the map while keeping your eyes on the road, and listen to the directions through your car speakers.

Waze Map App

Although all map apps that come with smartphones are great, many of them are missing traffic information.

If you haven’t already done so, download the Waze app. This app will not only map your route and give you turn-by-turn directions, but it will also take into account heavy traffic, accidents, and other possible roadblocks to direct you on your route the fastest way possible. Additionally, Waze allows you and other drivers to communicate and share info such as police, debris on the road, or other hazards that drivers would like to know to expect along their routes.

Apps to Help You Find Gas Stations

Have you ever needed gas but you find yourself in an unfamiliar area and have no idea where to find the nearest gas station to refuel your vehicle? Don’t panic. Pull out your smartphone and take advantage of the many gas apps available. A favorite among users is Gas Buddy, an app which not only lists gas stations in order of proximity but also provides you with gas prices and directions to get to the stations.

Ford SYNC Connect

If you happen to have a newer Ford vehicle, you should have access to Ford SYNC Connect. This feature allows you to optimize your smartphone usage. With this system, you’ll not only be able to sync your music, navigation, and apps, but you can also unlock your car via an app on your phone.

Do you often find yourself lost in a parking lot and not sure where you parked your vehicle? If so, use the OnStar app and quickly find your vehicle. Ford has taken all the features you love about your smartphone and incorporated their usefulness into their vehicles’ functionality.

Chevrolet Android Auto

Ford is not the only automaker that knows how important it is for drivers to use smartphone technology while driving. Chevrolet incorporates Android Auto into their newer cars. This state-of-the-art system allows Android owners to sync their smartphones and access all of their favorite apps. This system also seamlessly connects to favorite music apps and map programs and optimizes the driving experience for Android device owners.

Voice command allows drivers to give commands and have their smartphones respond to those commands. This feature is ideal for allowing drivers to focus on the road and keep their hands on the wheels of their vehicles.

Although you can find several more auto features that work nicely with your Android smartphone, the six listed above will bring the technology of your smartphone to your vehicle and your daily activities. Try bringing one of these six apps to your daily Android smartphone experience and transform your car life.

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