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Michael Angelo’s offers a variety of frozen meals available for purchase nationwide in many grocery stores, warehouse clubs and natural food stores. The local BJ’s where I shop carries some Michael Angelo’s products in family sizes, including Chicken Parmesan, Meat Lasagna, Eggplant Parmesan and Vegetable Lasagna. When selecting which Michael Angelo’s products I wanted to serve recently I chose to get the Chicken Parm and the Meat Lasagna.

Michael Angelo's Italian Frozen Food

There are four pieces of chicken in each box. The chicken comes in a microwave safe try, or you can also cook it in an oven. Inevitably I microwave for convenience.

Michael Angelo's Italian Frozen Food

I like chicken parm a lot. It’s one of the dishes I frequently order when dining out. I’ve had Michael Angelo’s chicken parm before. It always manages to pleasantly surprise me with it’s delicious fresh taste, better then some that I’ve had out in restaurants. The chicken is lightly breaded, not like some of the frozen chicken parm dishes that are almost all breading. The taste is fresh, the sauce made with vine-ripened tomatoes is sweet and chunky, and not acidic or fake like some. That makes sense when you look at the label, where you find natural ingredients and no preservatives.

Michael Angelo's Italian Frozen Food

Michael Angelo’s Meat Lasagna comes in a paper tray. It can be cooked in the oven or microwave. I microwaved. The meat lasagna has a thick, beefy tasting fresh, chunky sauce that’s quite different then most of the orangey red sauces you find on frozen lasagnas.  The noodles are tender without being soggy.

Michael Angelo's Italian Frozen Food - Lasagna

Michael Angelo’s products taste like they’re made from scratch because they are – Michael Angelo’s makes their meals from scratch daily and ships them out to your store within 36 hours. Michael Angelo’s products are delicious and offer the convenience of restaurant quality food right from your freezer. They’re perfect for both planned meals as well as those quick meals that you need to put on the table unexpectedly or on a busy night.

Michael Angelo’s Italian Frozen Food is available to purchase nationwide. To find a store in your area that carries Michael Angelo’s just use the  Michael Angelo’s store locator.

What’s your favorite Italian dish?


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  1. I love Michael Angelo’s Frozen Italian dishes. Just like being in Italy. My favorite is the Chicken Piccata . I must eat this three times a week. I just wanted to say that it is so delicious, but could really use a little more sauce. It is a meal starter but when it is cooked there is not enough sauce for the pasta. Just a little more sauce please. Thank you. PS I also love Chicken Franchaise. Why not try that too.

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