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I am a member of the Restaurant.com #ReviewCrew. I received a gift certificate to help facilitate this post. I chose what restaurant to go to. Please note that, as always, any personal opinions reflected are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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LB Daniels Restaurant, Medford NJ

Recently I went into Philadelphia for the day, to visit the zoo. We’d left at 8am and had only had a snack during the day, so we found ourselves hungry on the way home. As I crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge I knew I did not want to hold off eating until we got home due to the length of time that would take. So I opened up the Restaurant.com app on my phone and scoped out what was in the area. I browsed through the choices and saw the L.B. Daniels Restaurant in Medford. The Restaurant.com app also shows the menu, so it’s easy to see if you like that type of food. I love Italian food, by the way. So that’s where I decided we’d stop.

LB Daniels Restaurant, Medford NJ

We arrived in the late afternoon and the restaurant was very quiet. We were greeted and seated immediately.

LB Daniels Restaurant, Medford NJ

I looked at the menu again. I love soup and even though it was a fairly warm summer day I decided that I wanted a cup of soup. The server brought that to me immediately, along with our beverages. The soup was a creamy chicken, which happens to be one of my favorite soups.

LB Daniels Restaurant, Medford NJ

In about 10 minutes our meals arrived. The portions were very generous! The kids pizza, on the menu for $7.99, was a pleasant surprise. Usually when I see a kids pizza on a restaurant menu the pizza turns out to be like a 4 inch round thing. Tiny and overpriced, and often doesn’t taste like a real pizzeria pizza. The kids pizza here was in fact a real pizzeria pie. It had a soft crust and lots of tomato sauce and melted gooey cheese.

LB Daniels Restaurant, Medford NJ

I had chosen to order Chicken Marco Polo, which is a sauteed chicken breast topped with ham and mozzarella cheese covered with a light cream sauce and served over cappellini. It’s on the menu for $9.99. The chicken was moist and tender. The sauce was very tasty, it reminded me sort of a cross between a cream and a pink vodka sauce.

Through Restaurant.com a $10 gift certificate for LB Daniels costs only $4. There is a minimum purchase of $20. So basically you would pay only $14 if you were using Restaurant.com and had a $20 check – the $4 you put out for the gift certificate and another $10.

We enjoyed our meal at LB Daniels and would return if eating in the area again. The food was good, the portions were large and the prices reasonable.

What’s your favorite Italian dish?


L.B. Daniels Restaurant is located at 640 Stokes Rd, Medford, NJ 08055.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the great deal you found. I use Restaurants.com to help me find new places I want to try in addition to getting good deals. I’m not local, but if I’m ever out that way I’ll remember L.B. Daniels.

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